Aquarius Male Cheating Risk

Aquarius male cheating is not something that you should be really concerned about, unless he is denied emotional and mental stimulation that he requires to remain happy.

They love to flirt and be sociable and because of this, some partners will become very jealous and cause strife in a relationship. Although you are known be flirts, they will become very possessive and dominating in a relationship if they see their partner flirt.

Aquarius men are deep thinkers and appreciate a partner that is spontaneous, intelligent and complex. He doesn’t have the time, patience or desire to engage in a relationship with someone that carries a bunch of emotional baggage. Be someone of interest and mystery and this man who is born between January 21 and February 19 will take great delight in learning about you in a slow and meticulous manner. Something to consider is the fact that if you present yourself as an “open book”, the Aquarius will become quickly bored and move on to someone that will mentally hold their interest.

A perfect mate for an Aquarius male will be feisty and dramatic and be able to fight for what they believe in. It should be someone who cannot be controlled and is willing to be challenged and mentally stimulated by their partner. Another Aquarius or Libra, Gemini or Sagittarius would make the most compatible partners.

Honestly and loyalty is an important virtue of the Aquarius male, being dishonest is rare among Aquarius males. Some Aquarian greats include Norman Rockwell, Franklin Roosevelt and “honest” Abraham Lincoln.

Marriage is not a priority for this zodiac sign and the words “I love you” will not be heard for quite a while. He seeks a partner that is his best friend and someone that makes no demands on him emotionally.

Commitment to a partner is slow and they usually marry later in life, but once they do, their marriage is stable and solid (even though PDA – public displays of affection will rarely be seen).

Aquarius men are passionate beings and one of the most romantic horoscope signs, but not in a traditional sense – they will say something wonderful at the most unexpected times. An Aquarius male will rarely be found cheating on a partner that they truly love and will expect the same commitment from their equal partner.

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