Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarius can be summed up in one word: intellectual. Like fellow air elements signs, Gemini and Libra, Aquarius thrives on mental stimulation and intellectual thinking. Aquarius is a people’s person and will always be seen with a group of people because this is how they communicate and connect with others. An Aquarius man, with his philosophical mind, will need to save the world or at least improve on the state of his society. He is a true activist so because of this, he needs freedom and space to do what it is that he needs to accomplish, and this is true with an Aquarius man in love.

Whoever enters into a relationship with the Aquarius man needs to understand that Aquarius will never truly “belong” to you or anyone else for that matter. He doesn’t like to indulge in too many emotional situations because he is always thinking of his next move and dealing with emotional issues is truly beyond him. Aquarius man is an individual and very independent. He may seem detached or aloof in some situations but that’s just him preserving his heart.

Aquarius man might get the reputation of being emotionless or cold-hearted but that’s not true at all. He can be sensitive and compassionate but on a different level than what most people are used too. He likes to make mental connections with people and this is the best way to keep his attention. He needs a mate who will be as independent as he is and appreciate his mind and philosophical views. Aquarius man also needs a mate who doesn’t make too many emotional demands or obligations on him because he doesn’t like to feel tied down or responsible for someone else’s happiness. Aquarius man is the example of a futurist being. It may seem like Aquarius man is from a different planet or different time but that’s just because his mind and thought process is so elevated that many will have a hard time understanding him or connecting with him, and he knows this! Aquarius man actually enjoys the fact that not everyone can hang with him because this further proves how much of an individual he is. If you can get passed Aquarius man quirky and strange ways, this could be a very rewarding union because there is so much to learn from the Aquarius man and he loves teaching it to you.

An Aquarius man is love is a good friend. He approaches any relationship in life as friends first. If he can connect with you intellectually, then this has the potential to grow into something else. Aquarius is never going to rush into a relationship or responsibilities, so if you truly want him, you must be patient. He has to figure you out and see how you will fit into his life rather than the other way around. Once he is committed in a relationship, which probably won’t happen until he’s much older, he is a perfect lover who will give his lover patience, advice and the drive to get things done. He will give his lover affection and appreciation for sticking with him through it all. Because he is such a elevated thinker, he needs his mate to be able to keep up with his evolving mind and appreciate his strange and sometimes non-practical ideas. A relationship with an Aquarius man can last if he has enough freedom and dedication to express himself and of course unconditional love from his mate.

Since Aquarius is an air element sign, he will have a naturally compatibility with other air element signs, Gemini and Libra. Aquarius and Gemini could have a perfect relationship because these two signs both communicate well through mental stimulation. Aquarius will bring new innovative ideas to the relationship which Gemini likes and Gemini will be able to keep up with Aquarius speed which Aquarius will appreciate. These two signs have a lot of positive energy so you can expect these two to try a lot of new things together and never get bored of each other’s company. Gemini and Aquarius are both very independent signs so they will naturally understand each other needs for space and freedom.

Aquarius and Libra could also have a perfect relationship because they will be able to strengthen their intellectual understanding of the World together. Libra is able to understand Aquarius progressive thinking and Aquarius will enjoy Libra’s need for balance and peace. These two signs are both appreciators of art and everything beautiful. Libra may be a little indecisive at times but Aquarius will gladly take control and help Libra make these decisions and Libra will love Aquarius for his strong, fixed demeanor.

Aquarius could also have ideal relationships with fire element signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aquarius and Aries could have an ideal union because they both thrive on excitement and trying new things. They can be a little competitive with each other but this will only help bring out their best qualities. Aquarius will bring the creativity and ideas to the relationship and Aries will bring the drive and motivation to put those ideas into action. This relationship will be anything but dull, just the way they both like it!

Aquarius and Leo could have an ideal union because like Aquarius, Leo is a strong individual. Leo is dramatic and out-going which Aquarius loves and Aquarius is unique and different which Leo adores. Together, they will form a power couple with the abilities to do pretty much anything together. Leo may get a little to possessive of Aquarius time but once Leo understands Aquarius’ need for freedom to his civic duties, this relationship could be an ideal match.

Aquarius could also have an ideal match with Sagittarius because they both just love to have fun! Like Aquarius, Sagittarius is a philosophical thinker so these two will spend a lot of time exchanging thoughts and their perspective of the World. They will also spend a lot of time exploring the World around and expanding their intellectual ideas.

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