Jobs for Aquarius

A person born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius is a diversified person, whether it be socially oriented, unconventional, logical or artistic, the Aquarian can fall into any one of these traits. This sign of the zodiac requires stimulation in the workplace and the opportunity to explore and act on new ideas. The Aquarian will become bored and frustrated with any job that follows a routine or that is considered repetitive boring.

Aquarians, due to their unconventional nature are apt to choose fields that require creative thinking and a need for a fresh approach. Jobs that would satisfy the Aquarians needs and give them the challenge that they require to stay happy in their work lives would be jobs, such as engineering, marketing and sales. All of these positions require
a person that will always be on the cutting edge and is one step above the competition. There is no such thing as repetitiveness or boredom in any of these endeavors, so these types of employment are some of the jobs that would best suit the person of the Aquarian sign.

In addition to the unconventional aspect, Aquarians are also known for their logical minds. A job position that will also be a good match for the Aquarians logical nature would but that of programming. Forming conclusions and analyzing data, when performing research is right up an Aquarian’s alley, whether it be statistical analysis or scientific or market research.

Social work is another area of endeavor, the humanitarian and socially oriented Aquarian is likely to pursue and excel. The Aquarian is an idealist, by nature, and whether it is serving as a politician, an activist, a teacher or even a soldier, an Aquarian would rather forfeit a stipend, in return for fighting for some cause that they believe. The idea and praise received from satisfying the needs of the community, is all they will ask for in return.

The Aquarian tends to think in new and different ways, due to their unconventional nature, and this can lead them to the arts. It does not matter whether it is as a chef, photographer, a writer or a designer, as long as this sign of the zodiac is allowed to express their creativity in some way they are happy. If you combine this with their humanitarian nature, then you will have persons that are active in the social causes that are writers, photographers, musicians and painters, as long as they are allowed to express themselves freely and without restrictions.

Unlike Capricorns that thrive on structure, jobs for Aquarius must be more liberal and “freeing”.

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