Aries Colors

Aries Colors

Red is the main Aries colors. Red is a color that is vibrant and demands action, it is certainly challenging to try to sleep in a room that is painted bright red.

Aries colors red and attitude

The color red is mostly associated with aggression, but it also reflects the energy and optimism in people born between March 21st and April 19th.

Due to the fact that red is a dominate color for Aries; they prefer to initiate and to be in the lead.

Much like the Aries personality, the color red represents strength and boldness.

The color red when associated with attitude is considered: daring, courageous, aggressive, passionate, impulsive, active, energetic, and optimistic.

Aries colors red and health

Aries Colors finds that all shades of red bring peace and harmony; however not in the case where they are feeling poorly (both mentally and physically ill); Aries would find shades of violet and blue much more relaxing and soothing when they feel ill.

If an Aries has been diagnosed with anemia or feel constantly lethargic, then definitely stick with red – not only in picking out your clothing, but also in choosing your food, such as: tomatoes, red bell peppers and the like, as it will increase blood flow throughout your body and provide the energy needed.

When the color red is worn by an Aries, it will bring to new heights their ability to be alert and increase their energy and they will feel a need to do something active and physical.

Aries colors red and children

If you have a young Aries in your household, and you cannot seem to get him or her outside to play and be active, you might consider painting just one wall red, and it will more than likely stir them to become more active. Do be cautious if they are easily excitable, anxious, competitive and easily prone to temper tantrums – as you never want to consider putting red sheets on their bed, as Aries colors red will certainly increase these negative feelings.

Females born under the sign of Aries are considered to have more masculine traits, such as being reckless risk takers and picking an argument at every turn.

Other Aries colors

Other than the blues and violet color shades, black and white are also considered to be lucky colors for a person born under the zodiac sign of Aries.

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