Aries in Marriage

Aries in Marriage

Aries Wife

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So you’ve found yourself a nice Aries girl, slid a ring onto her finger and even managed to take her down the aisle. For your sake, I’m going to hope you have a pair of solid, brass balls down there, because if you’re going to go through life with an Aries spouse on your arm, you’re going to need them. If you married her with visions of her being a dainty, flowery girl that will cook your meals, darn your socks, wipe your chin and iron your hat, well I would recommend that you head to the nearest lawyer—oh, and see if you can’t find some protective armor while you’re at it, because you’re going to need it when you break up with your Aries wife. Nobody walks out on an Aries woman—you hear me? No one. And God help the man that decides he wants to leave.

To be honest, there is no reason you should ever want to leave an Aries wife. So she may not be a classical housewife, content with keeping the house clean and cooking your meals. So what? She’s a career woman, is ambitious, and likes adventure. That doesn’t mean she won’t be a good wife to you. Aries wives are fiercely loyal towards their husbands. Aries women choose husbands that they respect and are proud of, and so the fact that she chose you must mean she thinks you’re worthy of her. So you better start acting the part.

She is a deeply passionate woman, with strong, powerful emotions, and a spirit that won’t ever break. Ever seen a ram, the sign of the Aries? What do you think those horns are for, decoration? You would have to be either very brave or very stupid to call the Aries wife and let her know you’re going to be late. I also wouldn’t advise you to ever let your eyes go for a stroll if you’re ever at a party or a social gathering, because the Aries wife has eyes only for her husband, and she’ll expect you to be equally loyal. Because she’s more comfortable around men than women, is a fire-sign and therefore naturally flirtatious, she’s bound to frequently catch the eye of other men. But she would never cheat on you. She will only stray if she is convinced your relationship is finished, and if that’s the case, she’ll tell you it’s over before she jumps into bed with another guy.

She’s a sucker for compliments (genuine ones), as most women are, so remind her how beautiful and precious she is. She’ll say the same to you, and mean it. She’ll be fiercely independent, so don’t every try to suffocate her or slip a leash around her neck when she isn’t looking. She’ll chew it off and then come after you. Respect her and give her space. She is very ambitious, knows how talented and smart she is, and has dreams that are practical and attainable. Even if you’ve been married for fifteen years, with three kids, a golden retriever, and a tabby cat, she still won’t slacken in her ambitions. She’s a great multi-tasker, and knows how to turn off her personal life at work, and vice-versa. She’s a great mom, loves her children fiercely (you’ll notice I’ve used that word a couple of times already, and with good reason), and will expect them to live to their potential. She won’t have aspirations for them beyond their reach, but she also won’t be accepting of any weakness or laziness on their part.

This woman is a perfectionist, and she expects the people in her life to match her. While she definitely has her vulnerabilities, she doesn’t believe in weakness. And if you’re married to her, then it means she believes you don’t, either. So smooth out your collar, tuck in your shirt, and smarten up your act. You have an Aries woman for a wife, after all.

Aries Husband

Did you know that Aries is actually the first sign of the Zodiac? The Zodiac cycle ends with Pisces, the oldest and wisest of the twelve signs, and begins with Aries, the infant. If you didn’t know that Aries is the sign of the child, then the Aries man will remind you.

Petulance is a word that will befit him even at the best of times. There will always be a youthful air to him, whether he’s in college and learning intently, or even if he’s a professor in college and is actually passing his wisdom to a classroom of students. He will always be a child, will have dreams that exceed his reach, a sense of idealism that outweighs his sense of logic, and a thirst for attention that can never be quenched.

Aries are the vainest sign, and it will be a miracle if he can pass a mirror without stopping in front of it. If you’ve managed to drag an Aries man to the altar, then know that it will be the first and the last time that you lead him anywhere. Aries men always lead—always. If you are someone who likes to dominate in a relationship, then you’re going to have to figure out a way to don a more submissive role, and fast, because your Aries husband won’t wait too long. He wants a partner that he can share his dreams with, but the moment he makes his marriage vows to you, he will assume that you are his, unconditionally. If you so much as look at another man, then you’re likely to find out about the famous Aries temper.

Aries husbands can be very possessive, and are perhaps second only to Leos for their jealous habits. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he himself won’t let his eyes wander. Aries men are natural flirts (as most fire signs are), and since he loves attention, he’ll do his best to garner it from women, even after you’re married. But he draws the line there, and won’t cross it unless you push him over it. He takes the promises he makes seriously, and would die before breaking them.

Aries men are incredibly romantic, and have very idealistic visions of their partners. He married you with the idea that you’re a princess out of some ancient fable, and considers himself to be your gallant prince. So if you want to keep his attention from wavering, act the part. Match his every romantic gesture, make yourself as lady-like as you can, and wow him with your femininity. No matter how many years you’ve been married, he won’t ever be comfortable learning about your private grooming routines or personal care regimes, because that would shatter his image of you as the princess. He will support you at your weakest moments, spend his entire fortune on your well-being if need be, but at the end of the night, when you’re lying in bed next to each other, he expects you to look and act like a lady. That’s all he asks, and really if you pause to think about it, it’s not much.

He loves children, and will make a good father, but will tend to seek control over their lives, even once they’ve earned their own independence. He’s bossy by nature, and doesn’t believe in taking a back seat in any facet of his life. He’ll manage the finances, want an equal if not a majority say in all the important decisions, and will expect you to march to his tune as much as possible. This might seem like too much for an independent, assertive woman, but most will fall prey to the Aries man’s charisma, passion and vision. He is a prince, after all, and what woman do you know who can resist the charm of a prince?

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