Aries Male Cheating Risk

Aries men are usually extroverts and love to be the “boss”, the one in charge and certainly the center of attention.

They are bold, adventurous and spontaneous – but also undisciplined, impatient, and self-centered. They do not sit back and watch life pass them by, they jump right in and live every moment as if it were their last to enjoy, and rarely have regrets in doing it. He is a good spender of cash and not the best saver, but he typically has a steady flow of income to cover his many indulgences.

In general, the male Aries does not respond well to commands or any feelings of being “trapped” or caged in anyway. They are free-spirits, which will require a very special, tolerant, woman to tame.

Aries men LOVE to be the pursuer of shy, innocent looking women – but she will need to be extremely sexy and have a very open mind in the bedroom because Aries men love to be experimental. Ladies, if you provide your Aries male with a fun, competitive, active playmate – he will most likely fall in love with you forever. These passionate men do not need to be “wooed”, they know what they want and they want it “NOW”, but don’t forget to stroke his ego, he NEEDS to know that he is the best. A quick romp anywhere is more exciting and sexual stimulating for them than a long, sensual evening of slow love-making.

Men that are born under the sign of Aries never like routine, in or out of the bedroom, they love to be challenged and teased. Even in a serious conversation, it needs to be a “game” to keep the attention of an Aries male (who tends to lose interest rather quickly).

The challenge of dating an Aries Male is that it may be difficult to keep up with their adventurous lifestyle and if the need arises, they may wander outside of the relationship in order to fulfill their many needs. In addition, they are turned off by that person who is “in their face”, confrontational and controlling.

Because of their sexual passion, Aries men have a tendency to be labeled “cheaters”. Cheating on your partner is a decision, and as long as the Aries man is happy and in love, cheating should not be a factor in this relationship.

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