What an Aries Woman Wants

What does an Aries woman want? The answer to this question is rather simple: everything.

An Aries woman embodies passion and is often fearless and sometimes shameless to get what she wants. You will never have to second guess what this woman is after because she will make sure everyone knows all about it. She doesn’t have time for small talk or to read between the lines. Being coy will not bode well with her. She will want her people to come just as direct as she comes to them. Even with all of this passion she is still a lock waiting for her key.

Being a woman under the strong and masculine planet Mars, an Aries woman will prove to exhibit larger than life qualities in her lifestyle, love and sex. In Life, Aries women have the unmistakable take-charge personality that will take her far in life. Her world is in constant motion and she is always moving forward. Lagging behind is not an option and her mate will soon lose her interest if he can’t keep pace.

An Aries woman’s will is solid and while she does not often change her mind, she can be persuaded if a valid point is brought to her table. This is where her drive meets logic. When faced with a decision of any sort, she can quickly make the move she feels is best without second guessing or even looking back. She will expect the same out of her suitors and will grow impatient with indecisiveness and inconsistency.

Female Aries will want to continually chase success and whatever fulfills her heart, this can often lead her to distraction. She will need her lovers to be larger than life in their own right to compete with this naturally driven sign.

This Aries woman will want to keep things moving and growing at all times. Being stagnate in any way is a death sentence to her. This urge to keep moving will make her restless and will drive most people crazy but her mate will have her heart if he can simply support her and be her biggest fan.

Even while being perceived as a player or a femme fatale, an Aries female has a heart that is unmatched and can love deeper and longer than most ever would dare. She will see only the best in who she’s chooses and will want her man to see her as the Goddess she often feels she is.

In matters of the heart, an Aries woman will need a mate that will keep her guessing and prove to have his own strength. This strength doesn’t so much need to be physical strength, but strength in character. She will look down at weakness and avoid it like the plague. Her mate will need to be secure in himself and know how to do the balancing act of just enough attention without the slightest bit of clinginess or dependency. With her being such a free spirit, she will want her lovers to embrace her personal independent nature.

While this woman does have a heart of gold, sweep this Aries woman off her feet with practical romance. Anything cliché will annoy her. Keep in mind she has the tendency to notice everything and secretly focuses on the small things. She will notice his table manners on a first date or how often he dared to check his cell phone. She wants to feel as though she is the only woman around. Keep this woman as the priority and at forefront of the mind, as she will find this to be a sign of respect that she will admire.

Her same fearlessness is taken to her love life where she will give her whole heart until the end of time if she deems her man worthy.

She will need a mate that matches her own strength if not surpasses it. While she is most often the Alpha in her relationships, she will quietly be pleased with an Alpha that is bigger than she. If he is the slightest bit weaker than she, it will be in his best interest to let her run the show.

In bed the Aries woman is a power house. She will want passion and aggression in the bedroom. Any man will need to be ready for a wild ride. This fireball will love foreplay and anything that makes her feel as though she has the upper hand. Sometimes she likes it rough, other days she’ll like it sweet, which ever you so choose take the queue from her, she will let you know exactly what she wants.

An Aries women sexual partners must bring their A-Game to the bedroom as she is not for the weak of heart or low of stamina. This one will want him to give his best, just as she will give him hers, every time. This will be the only place in which you may be able to tell her what to do. Dominate her when you can, she just might like it. And right when you think you are done for the night, the Aries female can go a round more.

The Aries female will want her man to admire her nude form and will go to any limits to be sexually arousing for her mate. Be ready for a collection of lingerie and don’t be surprised by the occasional bit of leather, latex, and lace. She will have no problems pushing her own boundaries and will want her man to be just as adventurous in the sack as on the table, the sofa, the floor or the bathroom. Feel free to experiment but do not forget to pamper and spoil her as she will want the softer side on occasion.

The Aries woman will need someone who is patient, powerful, and kind. She will want a Yin to her Yang and someone who compliments her present environment. She will be loyal until the end of time and will demand the same for her mates. Over all, at head of the Zodiac, the Aries woman is a force to be reckoned with. Come prepared.

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