Cancer Colors

Cancer Colors

Anything and everything exudes color, and when you are around a specific color long enough, it will eventually have an influence on you. Each of the 12 horoscopes has a dominating color associated with it that signifies spiritual, physical and mental energy.

The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, (considered to be the “Great Mother” of the heavens, according to ancient beliefs) and in turn their main color is pure silver, grey or an elegant white (just like the moon).

The color silver symbolizes peace and harmony and a sensible thinking mind.
White is considered to be a passive color and instills a quality of peace and tranquility.
Grey is the medium between white and black and will open doors to subtle mood changes. Orange is also considered to be a lucky color for Cancers.

Green and Blues should been avoided by those born under the sign of Cancer, as these colors will not produce fruitfulness.

Ruby Red is the gemstone given to Cancer individuals, and it is said to influence their character traits. Rubies are used to draw in success and enhance positive energy. The ruby gemstone is also associated with confidence, integrity and joy.

Some health issues that Cancers may have to deal with are associated with the breasts, gastrointestinal issues and perhaps poor vision. Rubies are said to have healing properties that are related to the circulatory system and unwanted infections.

Cancer literally means “Crab” (the scavenger of the oceans). This fourth sign of the zodiacs is a water sign. The crab of the seas, as we know it, has a hard outer covering to protect the soft interior, and their claws will grab and hold tightly to something they consider to be theirs. The crab, similar to the individuals born under this horoscope sign, will retreat into the safety of their shell whenever the mood strikes them.

The individuals born between June 22nd and July 22nd (depending on the year) are said to have psychic abilities (they are very intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, and flamboyant). On the negative side, they tend to be moody, insecure and can have a pessimistic attitude.

Cancers are not one dimensional; they are a difficult sign to understand, as they use a large range of human emotions, from being shy to very friendly and sometimes famous. The one consistent factor is that they are home bodies, and have very strong maternal and paternal instincts – this is evident by their caring and dependable nature.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about Cancer colors and the effects it has on mood and personality traits.

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