Cancer in Marriage

Cancer in Marriage

Cancer Wife

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She has the most liquid eyes you will ever see, and if you stare into them long enough, you will see yourself sitting beside her on a porch swing, many years from now, talking about the wonderful life you’ve had together. No matter how angry she gets, how bitter or resentful, her eyes will always be warm.

Aries are the infants of the Zodiac, but Cancerians are children at heart. The Cancerian girl you fall in love with will have all the endearing aspects of a child, for she will giggle happily at the silliest jokes, play board games with child-like competitiveness, and will chase down every shooting star she sees. She will also play the part of the ultra-feminine woman well, for she’s mature, confident and poised; also, even the slimmest, slightest Cancerian woman will have noticeable curves, and can fill a pretty dress as well (if not better) than the next woman. She wants to be the girl in a relationship, so she’ll never ask to wear your pants (unless she has something kinky in mind, and if so, do as she says). She’s the most romantic woman in the Zodiac, and has a high standard of expectation when it comes to romance. Don’t think flowers and candy will do the job—she’ll take the candy, of course, but will still be mad at you. To her, a romantic gesture is about intention and not action. Display your love and your true feelings with your every gesture, and she’ll melt with contentment.

Show her that you’re open to marriage right from the first date, because Cancerian women start thinking about their wedding day pretty early in life. She understands what marriage is and yearns for the right husband, but because she has high standards, you’ll often find unmarried Cancerian women well into their 30s and 40s. She’s easily hurt and can turn cynical if scorned repeatedly, and if that’s the case, then she’ll be reluctant to trust your love. But persist, because she wants to believe you, and she always gets what she wants. Make your proposal as grand, spectacular and romantic as you like, but keep your promises to her sincere and simple. All she wants to know is that you’ll be there by her side, loyally, from day one.

As a wife, she carries over all the wonderful qualities you adored about her when you were dating, but they get enhanced even more now that she’s feeling secure about your relationship. An insecure Cancerian wife will be cold, moody and bitter, but if you lavish her with the love and the attention that any woman desires, then she’ll reciprocate with such extravagance that you’ll find yourself pleasantly drowning in bliss. She is so maternal by nature that she’ll pamper and spoil you even more than your mother did. She’ll tend to your needs, pick out your clothes, cook your food (and boy does she ever cook well), and will be the perfect lover, for she is sensual and loves to be touched. Her lips are her strongest sensory organ, so she’ll cover you with tender kisses.

She certainly has a bit of a temper and will grow irritated with the slightest provocation, but fortunately for you, her temper falls as quickly as it rises, so any effort to placate her will be amply rewarded. She has a strong streak of jealousy though, and won’t take kindly to your flirtations. For her part, she will always be a flirt, not in the flashy, flamboyant manner of Sagittarius, or the seductive, sensual style of Scorpio, but in a giggly, girly way, which will probably annoy you more. Give her space and trust her, but show her that you too can get jealous from time to time, because quite often she’ll flirt just to test your responses.

She is a natural mother, and the kids will be saturated with her love, affection and wet kisses! She will cuddle and comfort them even when they’re a foot taller than her. She can be a bit of disciplinarian, but is a sucker for their sweet smiles and puppy looks (which she ironically taught them herself). Even after they’ve moved out, she will always keep the cookie jar full and have fresh milk in the fridge, in case they feel like dropping by for a late night chat.

Life with a Cancerian wife can be harmonious, romantic, fantastical and fun, but she’s sensitive and moody, so step gingerly and don’t tread on her feelings. Remember that no matter how many years pass, or how much you both change, she is still the same girl you first fell in love with, the one who promised you the world with her eyes alone. That will never change.

Cancer Husband

He isn’t Tarzan, so don’t expect him to throw you over his shoulder and take you to his cave. He might still own a cave (notice I said “own” and not “lives in a” for Cancerian men have a knack for possessing obscure property), but if he takes you to it, it will be gently, courteously, carefully, with polite conversation, excited chatter about how much he’s looking forward to you seeing his cave, and lots of hand-holding. This will turn a lot of women away, because they will find him too sensitive and too caring. They want to be thrown over a strong shoulder and whisked away spontaneously. They don’t want a guy with a sympathetic shoulder, holding their hand and gently leading them over rocks. Many women will find the Cancerian man too talkative, too moody, too emotional and way too sensitive. Fortunately you’re not one of them, or you wouldn’t be reading about him. Chances are you’ve found yourself a crab that has either kept his moodiness hidden, or has somehow sweet-talked you into forgetting it. Either way, you’ll soon be walking down the aisle together (it might take a while, you’ve seen how crabs walk) and starting a married life.

Will life with the Cancerian husband be as enjoyable as it waswith the Cancerian boyfriend? The answer is a resounding “depends.” The man you married will always be the boy you fell in love with, and that’s the good news. This is one husband who won’t need reminding of your anniversary or birthday, who won’t leave you at home with chores and the baby, while he’s out with the guys. Home is his life, and if you are two are saddled with children and have no chance to go out and find romance like you once did, then he will bring romance to you. He’s the husband that will tidy up the house, wash the dishes without you asking him to, change and feed the baby, all while you’re in the shower. He does this so that he can spend time with you. Unless something happened early in his life to make him cynical and bitter (and with Cancerians, this can happen easily), he will generally be sympathetic, selfless and generous with his love. If anything, he will play the martyr role perfectly and might even annoy you by being too thoughtful. But for the most part, you’ll have a husband that all your girlfriends will envy you for, because they can’t get theirs’ to get off the couch or string more than a couple of syllables together.

Now for the bad news: he is… well, a baby. You might be confused, because if he cleans the house, cooks you dinner (and he cooks well), is romantic, thoughtful and selfless, how can he be a baby? Well, nothing is for nothing, and what he wants in return for his love for you, is equal or greater love. And it’s not enough that you feel it, you’ve got to show it. If you forget to kiss him on your way out the door, or tell him he’s put on a couple of pounds, or (God forbid) if you tell him you don’t like his mother’s pasta sauce, then you’re going to have a sulky crab on your hands (and you don’t want that, trust me). He can retreat into his shell and sulk for days, and the worst thing you can do is to ignore him. Like I said, he’s a baby, and babies want to be cuddled, just like their moms used to do (yes you guessed it, he is a mama’s boy, deal with it).

Find him in his shell, give him a big old hug, and tell him he means the world to you. It’s not a bad trade-off for someone who’s essentially the perfect husband and companion. Now, how is he as a father? Remember Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show? Not only is he a Cancer in real life, but the character of Cliff Huxtable is exactly what a Cancerian father is like. He’ll be the perfect blend of friend and parent, with a soupcon of older brother, and a hint of grandpa thrown in. The kids will play with him, be embarrassed by him, fight with him, but love him unconditionally. As will you. Cancerian men are the traditional definition of a husband. He will work his claws off for you and the family; he will rush home after work to spend every minute with you, and be your best friend. He’s romantic, he’s funny, he’s sensitive, he’s talkative, he’s compassionate, he’s loveable and he’s an attentive, accomplished lover. But he’s also moody, sulky, crabby (you saw that one coming) and a whiny baby. But he’s your baby, and if you give him a chance, he’ll make you feel like the luckiest woman alive. And you are.

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