Capricorn in Marriage

Capricorn in Marriage

Capricorn Wife

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If you tell her a romantic fairy tale about a poor street urchin that falls in love with a beautiful princess, who has been betrothed to an evil prince from a faraway land, the Capricorn woman will fervently hope that the princess chooses the prince. You might be shocked when at the end of the story, as you recite the perceived happy ending where the evil prince is defeated in battle and the princess gives up the kingdom to marry the street urchin, your Capricorn woman demands you alter the ending. “How could she be so stupid?” she’ll say. “He was a prince—a prince! How could she choose a common beggar?” Don’t be offended, and don’t mistake her for being a greedy, materialistic person. She’s just practical. She won’t understand how someone from royalty could adjust to living the life of the poor, just as much as it will baffle her if the street urchin had to somehow adjust to life in a palace. It just makes good sense to the Capricorn woman that stability demands uniformity. Plus, financial security wouldn’t hurt, either.

Whether she’s a brilliant doctor, spending twenty out of the twenty four hours a day at the hospital, or if she’s a soap-opera star, spending four out of every forty-eight hours at the studio, her career will always come first. The goat must climb and keep climbing, and even if you happen across her path with a bouquet of flowers, and a promise of love and fidelity, she’s unlikely to notice. The Capricorn woman views marriage as a partnership, more than as a loving union. She doesn’t follow love blindly, and doesn’t understand how people can make life altering decisions on a simple whim.

Many Capricorn women view their careers as a marriage, because it gives them the same comfort and solace they expect from a partner. But if you so happen to win the interest of a Capricorn woman, then as long as you have a successful career yourself and can guarantee that your bank account won’t need CPR in the near future, she’ll gladly swap her ambitions for you.

What she needs above all else is attention. Not the flimsy, hollow kind of attention that is based on superficiality, but the deeper, more meaningful form of it, which soothes her need for validation, and assures her that she is needed. The key to a successful marriage with the Capricorn woman is to be gentle. Never make her the victim of your jokes, do not criticize her, and above all, do not neglect her. This may sound like good advice for handling all women, but it is particularly applicable to the Capricorn female.

She will keep the house immaculately clean, and will tend to your every need and want. She will be a loyal partner as you proceed through your career, offering her every service and her relentless support in getting you there. In exchange, you will have to put in the occasional presence at family gatherings, because her family will always be a huge part of her life, no matter how far she moves away.

She is as practical as they come, so romance and passion must be direct and meaningful if lavished on her. She won’t understand endless, sticky kisses or incessant hand-holding, if neither leads anywhere productive. Love-making to her is a medium for expressing trust and connection, while engaging in physical pleasure. It must occur as frequently as needed, and with the appropriate effort from both halves. But she won’t normally make a production out of it.

If she has a playful side, which many Capricorn women do, then she might dress up occasionally or indulge in role-playing, but don’t expect this all the time. She just wants assurance, and as long as she gets it a couple times a week, she’s happy.

Motherhood isn’t an easy decision, and she certainly isn’t the kind of girl that gravitates towards children in general, unless she has a Cancer or Scorpio ascendant. But if she decides to become a mother, then she’ll follow through on the duties with aplomb. Few mothers can match the utter devotion and care that the goat lavishes on her little ones, and though she tends to be a little strict and unaccommodating of their youthful exuberance, she will always be responsive and indulgent of their success. No Capricorn mother will ever turn down soccer-mom duty, or fail to show up for music recitals or school plays.

She’s a caring mother and a supportive wife, and will give up her dreams if you promise to share yours. She may not like the plot in most fairy-tales, but she’ll write yours perfectly. And with the Capricorn wife, you’re always guaranteed a happy ending.

Capricorn Husband

If there’s one man who will lead you to the altar long before you can drag him there yourself, it’s the Capricorn man. He’s not the kind of guy that will turn pale whenever you mention the future, or sweat profusely if he sees you playing with children. It’s because the Capricorn man won’t get into a relationship with you without secretly planning for the future. He’s usually not one for casual, flimsy flings, and the very fact that he’s decided to date you, means that he considers you marriage material. He gives off the impression that he’s strong, independent and has no need for a partner, but he knows deep down that he would be lost without a companion. The goat is a skilled and determined climber, and he will pursue his ambitions to whatever height they take him, but he will want you by his side, every step of the way.

He’s quiet and gentle, with searching eyes that never miss a thing, and a mind that hums steadily with the consistent work he provides it. Everything about the Capricorn man is measured, evenly paced and immaculately organized. So there’s very little room for frivolous things like romance or passion, which will unfortunately turn a lot of women away. But beneath his calm, cool exterior, there lies a sensitive spirit with a deep well of feeling. He will never be the kind of husband that kisses you spontaneously in public, recites soulful poetry on a Tuesday night, or playfully carries you over the threshold as you both return from the supermarket before taking you upstairs for a quick nookie even though the ice cream is probably melting downstairs. No, he doesn’t enjoy spontaneity and passionate moments; like everything else in his life, must be planned and scheduled. Don’t be surprised if he makes up a schedule for your sex life, and then insists you both stick to it. That might sound extreme and you would assume that his hormones will tempt him to stray from it eventually, such that even though you’re not scheduled to do anything on say a Thursday morning, that he might wake up, see you lying half-naked next to him and pounce you—but not the Capricorn man. Schedules are there for a reason.

Having said that, bear in mind though that he is a very thoughtful person and a caring partner. He won’t get so wrapped up in the ball game that he forgets to pick you up at the dentist’s office, and he won’t blow off your third cousin’s funeral to go golfing. He respects family and he respects commitment. He will put aside his own pleasures, preferences and privileges for you every single day, if you demand it of him, and never complain. His family will always be in a picture, so remember that when you said “till death do us part” to him, you also meant it for everyone in his extended family, even cousin Mimi with the orange hair and seven cats. He will care for them all and will gladly spend every weekend in their company if you’re not careful.

With a Capricorn man, it’s important to reign him in early in the marriage or else he’ll fall into routines that you can’t break later on in your marriage. Remind him that you are his family now, and that he should spend every available moment with you, and visit Cousin Mimi at Thanksgiving, Christmas or at her next wedding alone.

He’s a delightful conversationalist, mostly because he’s worldly and can converse about any topic under the sun. He’ll most likely give you a solid, financial future, because his ambitions will almost always lead to fruition. To his children, he will rarely be a best friend, but more the typical patriarchal figure: stern, strong and silent. He will provide for them, pick them up from their hockey practice, go to their music recitals (that too without the earplugs the other parents, including you, are wearing), and will offer them all the guidance they require to pursue their dreams. There is a tendency to be too strict and unyielding with the children, so you’ll have to play the good cop from time to time.

He’s a proud man with an independent spirit and lots of mental fortitude, but you will be his chief weakness. He gets better with age, so every passing year is a bonus with a Capricorn man, unlike other men. His love for you will only strengthen, and his commitment to you will only harden. And speaking of hardening, Capricorn men also tend to become more passionate as they get older, when their careers wind down and their ambitions recede. So what are you waiting for? Hang onto him and don’t let go! Because despite his apparent calmness, he can be pretty skittish—he is a goat after all, what did you expect?

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