Capricorn Male Cheating Risk

Capricorn men are loyal and committed partners and you will be hard pressed to find a Capricorn male cheating. Divorce is rarely an option, because he is patient and optimistic that things can be worked out and he will do everything possible to make it work out.

A Capricorn male reserves his wild and fun side for people that are the most close to him. His nature is to be cautious in all he does, he always weighs the pros and cons in all aspects, including choosing a mate.

He is very practical, when bad news reaches his ears, he doesn’t dwell in depression for long (or if all) and will be able to re-focus quickly.

As a general rule he does not have a nasty temper. He always provides sound and practical advice when asked.

He is self-motivated and responsible; he takes the road less traveled. Cheating and shortcuts is not part of the value system of a Capricorn male (whether in business or his personal life). Taking shortcuts to achieve a goal devalues the total satisfaction when the task is completed. He needs to know that he “dotted all the I’s” and “crossed all the t’s”.

The fear of failing is the driving power behind your Capricorn man, they can sometimes have an inferiority complex, but continue forward, because it is important for them to succeed and be independent. They take their responsibilities very seriously. He thrives on security and stability and is not much of a “risk taker”.

He likes material things, and they don’t have to be expensive, but this characteristic trait can and will lead him to join the millions of “pack rats” already in the world.

Don’t expect flowers and candy from your Capricorn man, but because he shows his emotions by doing practical things, you can rest assured that your car will be maintained, and all handyman type of tasks will be done without being asked.

Capricorn men set goals, pursue them and achieve them. He is not a dreamer, he is very practical. He wants to achieve success and takes a direct and calculated approach to get what he wants.

His modesty is an endearing and a sexy quality to interested prospects. A perfect mate will not only respect him, but also praise him (in the public eye and also in the safety of home).

Due to his overall characteristic, Capricorn male cheating is not any stronger than another other man that is dissatisfied in a current relationship, but this man will certainly put forth a gallant effort to work things out with his mate.

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