Gemini in Marriage

Gemini in Marriage

Gemini Wife

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If you’re heading into marriage with a Gemini woman with visions of cozy evenings by a fire, home-cooked meals, and lovely family gatherings filled with love and mirth, then you won’t be disappointed. If you instead harbor hopes of travelling the world with her, staying in hostels, backpacking across continents, and immersing yourself into adventure, you still won’t be disappointed. Or if your dream is really to have a passionate, electric marriage, one in which you both have successful, busy careers and fast-paced lives, but still find time for steamy encounters and lavish five-star dinners, then once again you won’t be disappointed. This is a Gemini woman you married. She can do it all, and can do it wearing high-heeled shoes and designer clothes.

She’s a wonder woman, with a mind that will never slacken and a personality that is really a revolving door. She can sit with your parents in the afternoon and look at your family pictures for hours, having a great time all the way through it, and still dine with your best friend and his wife in the evening, being as charming as ever, before energetically hitting a few clubs at night and grinding you like cheddar cheese. If you want a Gemini woman for a wife though, you better have enough energy for her, because she lives a fast life. She’ll be very chatty, no matter which
personality she’s wearing, and is almost always pleasant and cordial.

She might carry a reputation for being two-faced (a name that most Geminians unfortunately inherit), but she’ll never be two-faced to you. She’ll go through the inventory of her many faces and her many personalities long before you marry, so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. And if you still decide to go through with the wedding (and why wouldn’t you?) then remember that when you say “I do” at the altar, you’re marrying half a dozen women at once (I had a feeling you wouldn’t complain about that). Each of those women will be compatible with you, or else this Gemini woman wouldn’t have married you.

As the marriage goes on however, she might add on a couple of new personalities, or lose track of some old ones. She’ll perpetually keep changing, but will expect you to stay the same. Because she lives a whirlwind life within her own head, she needs her partner to be stable and composed. That doesn’t mean you become a killjoy either. Trust her implicitly, because she expects that, and be there for her when she needs you, but give her as much free reign as you can.

Being an air-sign, she doesn’t like to be boxed in or tied down. She likes to go where the wind takes her, and expects you to trust that she will come home to you after a day of exploring. She won’t be very punctual, as most Gemini people aren’t, but she’s certainly dependable. She will be a wonderfully compassionate and emotional partner, but might be a little impatient if you take too long to get over hurdles. She’ll be a great mother, though is liable to spoil the kids a little, so you may have to play the “bad cop” role. She’s likely to be a messy person, but has an amazing knack for remembering where everything is. She makes one hell of a friend, and that’s something that you are guaranteed of when you marry a Gemini girl, is that she will be your best friend, and will take an active, genuine interest in everything you’re interested in. She’s got a wonderful sense of humor and is very easy and fun to be around. In short, she’s one hell of a catch. But the problem is catching her. Even if you’ve been married forty years, you’ll know deep down that you still haven’t caught her. And you probably never will. After all, it’s not easy catching a fresh, energetic breeze, and that’s what the Gemini wife will be.

Gemini Husband

Most women dream of an ideal man that has the perfect blend of the many qualities and attributes that they find attractive in a person. And you’re no different. You want a man who’s rugged, yet gentle; who is confident, yet vulnerable. He should be practical, yet not be afraid to dream; he should be able to hold long, serious conversations with you, and yet also be able to make you laugh. Well the bad news is that such a man doesn’t exist. The good news however, is that with a Gemini husband, you’re bound to get each of those attributes at some point in your marriage. Of course, as far as knowing when a particular personality trait might pop up, it’s anyone’s guess. The Gemini husband has many faces and many personalities, and you will have to take note of each one, so that you’re not surprised when he swaps roles in the middle of a dinner date. He can go from being a jolly, cheerful guy that takes you and your sister out to lunch, to a quiet, moody man that answers monosyllabically. But he’s not just moody, he truly has many personalities.

One side of him will be a schmooze, totally adept at talking to people and charming the pants off of them. This side of the Gemini will earn him a lot of success in his career, especially if he’s in sales or marketing. Another side of him will be witty and sarcastic, and can cut down people’s egos or bruise them with snippy comments. Yet another common personality is that of the wise old man, the one who can speak intelligently about any topic under the sun, and quote the greatest philosophers on cue. It can be stressful being married to a man who changes his personality as often as he changes his shirt (or even more frequently). The important thing to remember when being married to a Gemini with so many faces is that every single one of his personalities loves you very much—that you can be sure about.

Romance won’t be his forte, but depending on his ascendant, he might surprise you with it when you least expect it. He will certainly be thoughtful and compassionate. Despite not being a water sign, Gemini tend to be very generous with their time and care for another human being, especially a loved one. He won’t complain about doing chores or helping around the house, and is likely to run your errands, cook for you (especially if the chef-side of him is on call that day), and take care of the kids. Gemini men make great dads, and he will be a warm, funny and thoughtful dad that knows his children better than most. He will be pals with their pals, remember all of the things that are most important to them, and he will be a buddy to them in addition to being a parent. He might not be the most punctual though, so if your kids have to be picked up by him at a certain time, encourage them to quote a time fifteen minutes earlier. But he won’t forget them, and he will get there eventually, no matter what gets in his way.

He might come across as a flirt, because he’s effortlessly charming and gets along well with both sexes, so you might have to learn to turn a blind-eye to how well he gets along with your girlfriends. But he’s not a cheater, and he is the one man who can say he’s attracted to a woman’s mind more than her body, and mean it. He’s also one of the least jealous signs in the Zodiac, and won’t get possessive about any guy-friends you may have. If you want a husband that is smart, warm, funny and never boring, then you can’t go wrong with marrying a Gemini man. Just keep in mind though, that he’s a package deal: you get at least three husbands for the price of one.

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