Gemini Male Cheating Risk

A man that falls under the sign of the “Twins,” Gemini, will not cheat any more than any other man of any other sign. However, when these men fall in love, they are the most loyal, honest, and romantic men that you would be lucky enough to possibly be partnered with.

This man is a “thinker”, he analyzes everything, he will view whatever is in front of him from every possible angle, and he will play any type of possible scenario in his mind a thousand times before he acts. He is intelligent, funny and just a delight to be around (it’s no wonder that it seems that women are constantly flocking to his side).

Gentlemen, since you have been born between May 21 and June 21, your astrological sign will be that of the Gemini, otherwise known as the “Twins.” It seems that these “Twins” can be categorized into one or the other of these character traits: the Immature Gemini or the Mature Gemini. On one side you will have the infamous “Peter Pan Syndrome” (the free spirit, never grow up, with the idea that you can get whatever you want, whenever you want type). While on the other hand, the “Mature” Gemini is the fun- loving nutty professor (intelligent, but not the stuffy or boring type; while also exhibiting the admirable character traits of honesty and trustworthiness).

Male Gemini’s can be extremely “friendly” and “charming” (I can say this as a fact, from personal experience) and this can and is easily interpreted as flirting or sending mixed and unintentional vibes of interest. Ladies, before you freak out and experience waves of jealousy, please ask your Gemini fella about the conversation that you just witnessed. You have to understand ladies, that in the mind of a Gemini Male, being friendly and charming are NOT cheating or even flirting, but are as natural to him as breathing is to you.

There seems to be a wide spectrum as to the cheating characteristic of a Gemini Male. Personally, I have found a horrible, cheating Gemini Male and I have also found a Gemini Male that is a pure Angel, through and through.

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