Gemini Man in Love

Like air signs, Aquarius and Libra, Gemini is a very intellectual and mental sign. A Gemini lives in their imagination which can make living in the real-world less desirable because it is too grounded for his liking and this is true for a Gemini man in love. Since this sign enjoys the intellectual rim of life, a relationship that involves emotions and feelings can be somewhat off putting to a Gemini because of this, they don’t put too much emphasizes on relationships; they know and understand that feelings change and they themselves constantly are evolving. But even with their knowledge and their interpretation of relationships, that doesn’t mean a Gemini man won’t enter into a relationship, they will just be hard to get and that much harder to keep.

A Gemini man is witty, charming and chatty and doesn’t mind being the center of attention. He is naturally independent; because of this he needs lots of space and freedom. The one thing a Gemini craves the most is variety and spontaneity; a Gemini man needs a partner who is going to interest him and know how to keep his attention but most importantly someone they consider their friend. He wants a partner who he can connect to on multiple levels, physically, mentally and intellectually because that’s how he experiences and explores life. Because of his curiosity of the intellect, he is seen as very alluring and will attract many lovers.

A Gemini man in love is a fun friend to his mate that will be down to do anything. He will give his mate his time and attention and above all, freedom. He will spend his time trying to understand his mate on every level and explore the mystery that they hold. In love, A Gemini man will give his mate affection and a sound ear, ready to listen to any problem and expects the same in return. Because a Gemini loves change and innovation, they want their potential mate to have the flexibility and adaptation to keep up with their every move; he is known to leave immediately if his potential mate can’t keep up with constant changes in his mind and daily life.

A Gemini is most compatible with his follow air signs, Aquarius and Libra. These two signs understand best the Gemini’s need for independence and evolving nature. A Gemini and Aquarius relationship could be a perfect match because Aquarius has many stories and ideas and Gemini loves to hear them all! An Aquarius mate will keen Gemini’s interest because they both are very mental and intellectual signs and enjoy exploring the realms of thinking. A Gemini and Libra relationship could be a perfect match also because they two share that same thirst for mental knowledge. Gemini will keep his Libra mate interested with his talkative nature and plentiful ideas. Together, they could accomplish a lot because they feed on each other’s mental energy. A Gemini could find ideal mates in fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius since fire signs loves and appreciates Gemini’s adventurous nature. A Gemini and Aries relationship could be ideal because Aries has the ability to connect with Gemini on a physical and intellectual level. They would enjoy their communication because through their conversations, they will develop a good understanding of one another. Aries also shares the same need for independence as the Gemini man, so together they would know when to give each other space. A Gemini and Sagittarius relationship could also be ideal because their relationship would be full of energy and excitement. They both would enjoy each other’s company and would love their adventures that they explore together. Above all, Gemini and Sagittarius would be great friends as well as lovers that will give each other excitement, adventures and freedom.

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