Eye Astrology

Generally speaking, when we interact with people we are able to visually see them and their physical attributes. You can look directly in their eyes, which correlate to a reflection of the soul. Therefore, the eyes are characterized as a unique feature to observe when trying to read or understand people better and more clearly. Eyes have long been shown to provide evidence of temperaments and feelings. When we have an intense emotional feeling, our eyes react and the world can see that. Therefore, regarding astrology, the eyes are a distinct feature that can get us closer to revealing our true selves and personalities.

Eyes vary in color. The color of your eyes represents your true inner self. In addition, if your eyes are black, for instance, which is truly rare, you indicate a mysterious sense of aura. In essence, these people are also highly unpredictable and interesting to be around. They are out of the ordinary, unique, and the next step of their lives is able to be one surprise after another. In addition, they are mysterious, not stable, and not reliable. They may even be dark willed, implying dark black eyes are up to no good most of the time. Whether that be black magic, voodoo, or anything that is extreme and strange, be sure that the black eyed people will have attempted this task in one way or another.

People with blue eyes can be bright and straightforward. They can be confident and assertive. Depending on the lightness or darkness of the blue color, blue indicates an imaginative personality. In addition, blue eyes people generally have an opened personality, and people look into your eyes and right away, see what you feel. Your eyes can literally communicate how you feel. Green eyed people are also imaginative and creative, but possess a characteristic of clarity and stamina. This offers a sense of practicality to them.

Eyes also vary in shape and size, which a strong indicator of personalities overall. A person with big round eyes indicates that this particular person is excited about life. They want to learn everything and apply it. They soak up information and share it among their peers. A person with small eyes, however, is someone is more so vigilant and alert in their lives. In addition, small eyes represent devoted people. These people will stay true to their partners and not cheat on them, as a big eyes person is more liable for.

Iris size is also highly specific. If it is larger than normal, these people are said to be very pushy and set high goals for themselves. Also, these people tend to be successful in their lives, generally speaking. If the iris is smaller, though, this person can be more dependent on someone throughout their lives.

Eye astrology is a unique concept. While it is not clearly a subject for each sign yet, it has been examined for quite some time, as the eyes are the single most apparent thing that we see on each other.

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