Kissing Styles of the Zodiac

Aries: An Aries kisses are fiery and surprising. They expect all or nothing. Passionate and impulsive they bring lustful pleasure from one moment to the next. As the Aries sign is ruled by Mars, they channel that energy creating one red hot physical experience. The only thing left to be said is brace yourself!

Taurus: A warm, mesmerizing lip clencher. A typical earthy Taurean is likely to prolong the build up, making you tremble in anticipation. With their great sense of touch, expect hand brushing and a skin tingling experience, slow and tender this kiss will go on forever.

Gemini: With moments of talking and giggling in between to spice up moments of pleasure, Gemini kisses are quick, sexy and playful. If you leave more to the imagination a Gemini will be back for more, as soon as they can. If they pull away first then you can guarantee you’ve blown it!

Cancer: A Cancerian kiss is soft, gentle, warm and tender. They are sensual with hair ruffling and neck kissing. They are the sort of kiss you wish could go on forever. Truly magical. An experience you’ll want to repeat over and over.

Leo: Leo rules the house of sex so their kisses are a sensual delight. They are fiery, wild and unrestricted like the sign themselves and usually come complete with clawing, biting and lots of deep throat groans. They put everything into that kiss, so make sure you do the same!

Virgo: Virgo kisses are neat and subtle whilst being imaginative and heartfelt. They don’t like anything sloppy, sweaty, unrefined or clumsy so bear this in mind with your technique. Although they can be shy at first any encouraging partner will be greatly rewarded with vibrant kisses.

Libra: Libra is the romance-making sign of the zodiac. They live to please their partners. Every kiss they share will be the most exciting, passionate, romantic experience. Every kiss will be like the first.

Scorpio: Scorpio co-rules the house of sex. As a result their kisses are extremely raw, passionate and full of sexual energy. Full on and deep they guarantee to leave you wanting more.

Sagittarius: Sagittarian kisses are surprising, spontaneous, adventurous and explosive. Sagittarians also want more, especially when it comes to kissing. A classic kiss that just leaves you wanting more and more just the way they like it.

Capricorn: A Capricorn may be slow to start but once they do there really is no stopping them. They kiss with their heart and soul. Once they finally let go of their stress and worries they are guaranteed to give the kiss their all. It will be a refined, elegant and seriously sexy smooch.

Aquarius: Once an Aquarian gets in the mood their kiss is destined to be a real clencher. Their kiss will be sudden, startling and as amazingly different as they are. Although it can be wet and a little messy it will definitely take your breath away.

Pisces: A Pisces kiss matches their personalities as starry eyed romantics. It will be soft, tender, intimate, amorous, deep, long lasting and full of love. Everything a kiss should be!

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