Masculine vs. Feminine Signs

The masculine and feminine signs of the zodiac represent two sets of diverging signs out of the total 12 signs. This is not to say that men would automatically be masculine and women would be feminine. That is already understood, from the beginning of time. However, in astrology, depending on the sign one was born into, one would display either masculine or feminine characteristics, instinctively. In addition, masculine signs can be referred to as positive and feminine signs as negative. This does not place any value of judgment on each sign. It simply places emphasis on the polarity of each alternating sign. In addition, there is an important factor to establish among all of the signs: they must essentially work together to achieve complete balance and unity. Naturally, a good amalgamation of masculine and feminine qualities evokes an overall harmonized state of being. Therefore, it is essential to balance these unique behaviors within the human population to achieve peace.

Masculine Signs: The masculine signs of the zodiac are represented by the Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. These signs have a commonality among their overall personalities. They are positive, in that their energy represents dominance and overall male energy. In essence, they are flamboyant and highly energetic, constantly initiating action as well as taking control. Masculine signs, as expected, behave like men. While it is not necessary visible to the public, internally, these signs are more possessive and contain a certain amount of strength in them. They have specific characteristics as well, which encourage an overall basic understanding of their preferences. Masculine signs are loud, willing to put themselves in situations that may be risky. Their creative instincts are commonly appreciated, as their aggressive natures complement their ability to stubbornly instigate things. Masculine signs represent a hot summer’s day. The specific part of the day and season correlates to the morning as that is when men go out and work. Masculine signs embody the concept of being “dry”. This specifically relates to these people being hot-headed; in essence, when something is the dry, the sun might have overheated it, inspiring this dry, hot characteristic that the six signs embody. The elements associated with the masculine signs are both fire and air. A fellow Aries, for instance, is a fire masculine sign; this seems like a truly powerful “manly” type personality. Aries people are active, witty, expanding beyond means, and extroverts at heart; a typical Aries is bound to get out of control once in a while as their traits seen here are pungently suited. Their color is linked to white, as their way of jumping from one place to another exemplifies quick reflexes with added spark and flightiness. In addition, this influence places importance on how Aries relates to other signs and vice versa. A Gemini, on the other hand, is an air masculine sign, still representing masculine qualities but the air aspect would appear less hostile than the Aries. Overall, the masculine clan of signs represents leader type people who are able to be effective and heard.

Feminine Signs: The feminine signs of the zodiac are represented by the Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. These signs are ultimately negative, simply meaning that their characteristics are more so female-like and resemble feminine energy: subtle, passive, and nonchalant. Generally speaking, females are known to be gentle, weak, simple, and not queer, historically. While things have certainly changed within the female population, these traits remain quite parallel, inviting the notion that feminine signs denote soft and internal distinctiveness. While they are introverts at heart, these signs nevertheless contain a deep devotion and are flexible in their personalities. Easily able to forgive, the feminine signs exhibit constructive thought; they are able to spot what needs tweaking and are capable of coming up with a solution, quietly. The specific season associated with feminine signs is winter and autumn, where it is cold and dark. The darkness and blackness indicates a sense of mysteriousness among the feminine qualities. This introduces the “wet” concept in that Feminine signs are smooth, and may not be disruptive. The elements associated with the feminine signs are earth and water. Thus, these distinct elements indicate a person’s personality, indicating more specifically, a “wet” temperament. Wet signifies objects that are damp. This translates into objects being soft and cold. In essence, these types of personalities are prone to passivity, requiring rest. A Taurus, for instance, is an earth, feminine sign. Some characteristics that a fellow Taurus may embody may represent smooth and mysterious like characteristics as well as sensuality. A Cancer, however, is a bit different, as it is a feminine sign but it is also a water sign, initiating action through emotional waves. Ultimately, the feminine signs exhibit unique qualities that encourage their personalities to thrive.

Homeostasis: Astrology is very fond of placing emphasis on overall harmony and collectivism. Likewise, the signs represent a meaningful contribution to society. Through understanding each sign and its’ polarity, one is able to learn to relate to them better, more intuitively. It personalizes the situation, encouraging a more equipped sense of wisdom. Homeostasis ultimately requires that the complementary poles work in sync. Their way of communicating and interacting essentially should evoke compatibility. Therefore, each sign must willingly work to balance their masculine and feminine qualities.

While we can clearly see that there are two conflicting categories of opposition here, the masculine and feminine signs defiantly must relate to each other. As the saying goes: “opposites attract”; this is true in this case as well, as each category of qualities contain unique characteristics that can be combined collectively for a more equally balanced situation. Two is better than one, as one fundamentally cannot function alone. The world around us lives in harmony within opposition. Therefore, we can take these two sets of powers that individually exhibit inimitable distinctiveness, yet together, the masculine and feminine personas symbolize doubly supremacy as the natural meaning of life.

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