Leo Male Cheating Risk

Even though the Leo male has been born to command, lead, pass judgment in a regal manner, communicate and teach, there is something unique about the Leo male and that is his romanticism. The Leo male is capable of displaying very freely his feelings of love and he is a true believer in the romantic. In fact, if you want that certain Leo man to fall in love with you, all it will take is a simple candlelit dinner and being a charming hostess. If you do this, the Leo man is all yours!

The Leo male enjoys living a comfortable life surrounded by luxurious items. This is a man that is very sensitive and requires constant praise and flattery. Due to this sensitivity, the Leo man at times can behave like a small child and because of this he requires a lot of attention. But don’t worry in return you will have a very competent lover, a man that is very passionate, protective, generous and also traditional.

The Leo male has a tendency towards jealousy, which at times can be quite extreme, however this is a man that will always treat you like a princess. You will have a man that will constantly shower you with gifts, affection and most of all, love!

As stated, the Leo male is a traditionalist, and as such, will not want his wife to work after they are married, which can be a bone of contention in today’s world. The reason for this is because the Leo man wants himself to be the most important thing in his wife’s life, nothing and I mean nothing, not even a job nor a career can take his place or even be any type of threat. You should also know that if you show the Leo male any type of indifference or disrespect be prepared for a temper that is hotter than any furnace, more burning than the Sun. If this can be avoided, he is usually a man with an extremely cool demeanor.

A man born between July 23rd and August 22nd is the Leo male that cannot live without love. He is a man that likes to have people rely on him. If you are going to be the one to walk with this lion just be aware that you will have to be very attractive and dignified, these are things that will feed his ego, which if you are going to keep the Leo man is something that you will have to learn how to continuously stroke.

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