Leo Man in Love

Being a fire element sign, Leo’s are energetic, optimistic and a just a ball of fun! A Leo is a charming, caring and passionate person. But on the outside, a Leo can come across as being serious and aggressive. A Leo loves to be around friends and family and of course be the center of attention. With his charm and excellent sense of humor, he can win over any crowd of people which further makes the Leo that much more fabulous!

Leo’s are very loyal people who would do anything for their loves ones, and this is true of a Leo man in love. Because of the caring nature of the Leo man, he would give the shirt off his back and his last dollar to someone if they truly needed it. And the one thing that the Leo man wants the most from a relationship is his mate’s loyalty, trust and commitment.

Even though a Leo man is so eccentric in his actions, he still appreciates a peaceful home surrounded with love and care. A Leo man is also a “go-getter”. He loves to work and make his own means because he would feel less of a man if he didn’t but he also looks for the same quality in his mate. A Leo man needs someone who can also bring home the bacon and doesn’t have to rely on him too much financially.

Leo’s Zodiac symbol is a Lion and true to Lion’s nature, they need a Lioness or mate who can hunt and protect their kingdom along side of him. Because the Leo man has a unique flare for life, in how he dresses and in the car he drives, he needs a mate who is about as wild as he is. He would want his mate to keep themselves up appearance wise and take pride in how they look. Leo man loves money therefore he enjoys the lavish material goods that his money can buy him, he needs his mate to understand that and also appreciates having nice things. Since Leo man knows how to captivate an audience, he needs a mate who is as charming, intelligent and passionate as he is because he will get bored and abandon the relationship. Leo is also a very emotional lover due to his passionate nature so he would want someone who would learn to understand his moods and emotional needs.

A Leo man in love is a very romantic and charming lover who will freely show and express his love for his mate. Because Leo is such a romantic, expect to be wined and dined and flourished with the most extravagant and lavish gifts as his way of showing you how much he cares. He wants nothing more than to make his mate feel like royalty since he is thinks he’s royalty himself. Since the Leo is the symbolized by the Lion, he has innate characteristics and entitlement of a king or royalty so don’t even try to outdo or out shine him. He will take this as a personal attack and definitely end the relationship immediately. His mate will need to have confidence but not be as arrogant as him. But once he finds a mate that can do just that, he will show them every synonym for the word love, affection and devotion.

He is extremely loyal and this sometimes can make him a little possessive and jealous of his lover but that’s only because he doesn’t want anyone to take what he feels is rightfully his. But if you show him that you aren’t going anywhere and he trusts you, he will give you the loyalty and loving energy that would make you a fool to leave. A relationship with a Leo man could be fun, energetic and a truly loving union once he devotes himself to his potential mate.

Like I mentioned earlier, Leo is a fire element sign so he would be naturally compatible with the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius because they understand the Leo’s “go-getter” mentality and he passionate nature. A Leo and Aries relationship could be a perfect union because it would be filled with fiery passions and dynamic actions. They could do just about everything together because they both enjoy new things and always being on the go. These two signs are known for their dominant personalities so they would have to learn to take turns being in charge and giving orders but once they figure out that minor problem, it would be a blissful relationship from there on. They would have a mutual admiration and devotion to one another and learn to appreciate each others’ strong personalities and the different energy each bring to the relationship. These two signs have the ability to make love last with endless amount of love, fire and passion. A Leo and Sagittarius could also form a perfect relationship because just like Aries, this would just be one fiery match! They would enjoy taking adventures together and of course socializing. These two signs would be a go to house when all their friends want to get together and have a good time. These two also share a get admiration for one another and Sagittarius would be more willing to let Leo take the lead and for this, Leo would give all the love, affection and freedom that a Sagittarius needs from a relationship. Together, they can form a long-lasting relationship filled with countless adventures and lasting memories.

A Leo can also find love in air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra because their positive and extrovert energy that they would bring to their relationship. A Leo and Aquarius relationship could be the true ideal relationship since they both admires each other’s individualism and eccentric ways. Aquarius being filled with ideas can form ideas that Leo could then put into motions and make a dynamic couple. They can sometimes get a little competitive with one another but they will appreciate each other’s drive and positive energy that they bring to a relationship. If Leo can deal with Aquarius aloofness and Aquarius can deal with Leo’s demanding personality, this relationship could be truly magical.

A Leo and Gemini relationship could be ideal because it would be filled with playful times and both of their dynamic energies. Gemini would admire Leo’s creativity and optimism since Gemini is a mental sign that craves creativity. If Leo learns to let Gemini have his space and independence and Gemini learns to let Leo take charge of their relationship, this could be a good union.

Leo and Libra can also form an ideal relationship since both of these signs values a peaceful and loving environment in a relationship. These two signs bring so much positive and loving energy for one another that it would be hard for them not to fall in love. Since Libra likes harmony and peace in life, they would let Leo take control of the relationship and once Leo sees this from his Libra love, he will shower Libra with all the love and affection that Libra craves from their mate. These two signs will always have a mutual understanding for one another which can create a beautiful harmonized union.

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