Libra Female Cheating Risk

Libra female cheating is not something to concern you with; she strives for peace and tranquility in all she does, including her relationships.

A Libra lady is romantic and passionate. She hates to be alone and will sometimes stay in a relationship that is unsatisfying as an alternative to being alone. A young Libra female may place her lovers on pedestals and worship them, and this will often lead her down the road of disappointment. An immature Libra may also be erratic and inconsistent in her words and deeds.

A female born between September 24th and October 23rd enjoys a solid, happy and long relationship/marriage. She brings her gentleness and comfort to the relationship table. She does desire variety and this can be a great strength and/or weakness. Her thought process is usually exciting and interesting – if you can keep up with her wandering mind.

Librans has a natural talent for being a human lie detector, and they are always looking for deception. If you are in a relationship with a Libra woman, it is highly recommended that you are honest, and don’t hide your emotions (including your anger). She is very intuitive and will eventually find out if you are deceiving her, so come clean right from the start.

Because of her intuitiveness, she has strong empathy for others. She will always make sure that each and every one of her party guests are having a good time. Her lover will always be in her sights as she works the room making sure that everyone is happy, including you.

With her horoscope symbol being a scale, she seeks fairness and balance. She gathers all vital information, pondering the pros and cons before making a final decision. Due to this elaborate thought process, a mundane decision (like where to go for dinner) can be challenging for her. If you are a loving partner of the Libra woman, the making of these small decisions will be helpful, but more importantly, your directing of her to overcome this road block in her personality would be beneficial for all involved.

A few great love matches for a Libra lady:

Aries is the total opposite of Libras, but they will make an ideal love connection, because of these differences.

A Libra female will be appreciated by a Gemini lover, they will not only understand your complex personality, but a Gemini will appreciate your artistic talents.

Although they can be unpredictable, an Aquarius would make a good match for Libras, because they share a love of beautiful things and love the company of people.

Libra women usually relate well to all people, but Leos and Sagittarius will also provide a rewarding relationship.

A poor love match for Libra ladies:

Virgo’s may be too fussy to make a good love connection with Libra females.

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