Libra in Marriage

Libra in Marriage

Libra Wife

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Most women come with their own set of unique baggage, but Libran women come with their own set of balancing scales, which they will use to measure every ounce of life, including a marriage with you. Balance is a word that means a lot to Librans, but somehow invariably eludes them, despite their efforts to attain it. Ask an Aries woman for her opinion on something, and she’ll give you a blunt, direct answer. Ask an Aquarian woman, and she’ll vaguely stare off into space and ask you if you think existence as you know it is a dream. Ask a Libran woman for her opinion though, and she’ll give you a lengthy monologue, weighing every single pro and con, swaying back and forth from one opinion to the other, until you regret having asked her. Well, get used to it. Libran women have a sense of duality to them—not in the Gemini sense of dual personalities, but more in the sense that they can play both roles in a marriage.

A Libran woman can be the picture perfect “traditional” wife, embodying femininity in her every action and gesture, and can leave any man feeling empowered and masculine. Or, and this is equally likely, she can take his pants and wear them herself (and she will probably look pretty good in them, too). Libran women have a masculine side to them; they are strong-willed, independent, and have a penchant for power. So if you’re wondering which of the two your Libran wife will be, it all depends on you. You see, for all their sense of independence, Libran women crave a soulful partnership with their spouses. They will put your needs and desires above their own, and if they see that you prefer them to be more feminine and play a more submissive role, then they’ll gladly do it. Or, if they think that you like a partner who is more assertive and dominant, then they’ll willingly do that, too. Libran wives understand the fundamentals of marriage better than any other, and they will always view your marriage as an equal partnership.

She will likely be a wizard in the kitchen, and will crave order and discipline around the house. If you’re someone who is somewhat lazy and carefree, then allow her free reign with the organization—you won’t regret it. She’ll do the taxes impeccably, will keep the house immaculately clean, and will plan your entire day for you, if you let her. And because she loves you more than anything else, she’ll plan to give herself plenty of time with you.

She’ll make a great mother, and will give her children an enviable medley of affection, attention and discipline, such that they have all the basic fundamentals required to grow into their full potential. She might tend to be a little close-minded to new issues, can be reliably stubborn, and certainly have a short temper, but her bad moods don’t last long.

She’s smart, has a great sense of humor, and is a deep well of affection and unconditional love. She’s no dainty flower, but neither is she a prickly thorn; if she’s a true Libran woman, then she’s somewhere in between, and she’ll strive to keep you there, by her side, for as long as she can. That’s what partnership is about, isn’t it?

Libran Husband

There are men that can engage in intelligent, philosophical discussions with their wives for hours on end, yet possess a sly, witty sense of humor, while being a loyal, devoted father, a loving husband, a successful career person, and still find time to hit a ball around on the weekends. Such men are Libran men. They stand around and juggle the different facets of their life with consummate ease. To the rest of the world, they’re magicians. To the Libran man, he’s merely human. He won’t juggle perfectly, and he’s bound to miss as much as he catches, but as long as he keeps his every interest occupied, he’s happy. But to a Libran male, there is nothing more important to his interest than his wife.

Librans invented partnerships. They understand the intricacies of a partnership better than any other sign, and it’s because they view it with an uncomplicated mindset. To them, a partnership is an equal relationship, built on openness, trust and mutual respect. And the good news for the woman that marries a Libran man, is that he views his marriage as the ultimate partnership. He will be shamelessly proud of his wife, will be a pillar of strength and support to her, and consult her on every single matter in his life. Most women appreciate this quality about the Libran husband, because a lot of men tend to view marriage as two people living together. Libran men though know otherwise; to them, marriage is two people who are together, in every way that two people can be together. In fact, they are one.

He isn’t without his faults, mind you, and chief amongst them is that stubborn streak that all Librans are known for. If you get into an argument with him, you won’t win. He won’t concede, and will invariably have a long list of statistics to back up even the most obscure and irrelevant point he has. Get used to it. Libran men don’t back down, even if they’re wrong. He can be gracious on occasion, and even apologetic, but it’s rare. He’s also a bit of a fusspot, and tends to have everything organized and labeled to such an intense degree, that even the slightest disruption will shatter his world. He has a short temper, one that will cool off as suddenly as it erupts, but when it’s at its peak, it is liable to send a few people scurrying for cover. He will be a good father, though can tend to be a little too controlling. Control is a word that means a lot to the Libran man, and for every ounce of respect and love that he parts to you, he will expect you to reciprocate by returning not just all that he spared to you, but also add a little bit of control over your life. But he has the best intentions, and he hopes that by having more control over you, he can merely steer you in the right direction, and keep you happy. If you’re a strong, independent woman though, this can be a source of conflict. But if you’re happy relinquishing control to your partner, and trust that you’re in good hands, you’ll be fine. He’s not Prince Charming (and doesn’t claim to be), but he’s deeply romantic, relentlessly loyal, and an expert at partnerships. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what marriage is all about?

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