Libra Male Cheating Risk

Men that are Libra’s fall under what is known as an “air sign”, which like Gemini’s and those men born under the sign of Aquarius, are very comfortable speaking with those of the opposite sex. Libra men are charming, peace loving, kind-hearted and also have trouble delineating between friendship and love with those of the fairer sex. With every woman that a Libra man meets, he tries to find love. When this does not happen during the first stages of the relationship and romance flounders, he is initially disappointed.

As you would expect, since the Libra man is looking for love in every relationship and unfortunately, they are late to mature when it comes to relationships, being treated as a doormat should come as no surprise. When the Libra man does find love, he gives of himself totally; he surrenders himself to his mate, in order to be taken care of, and in return, he will regain ultimate love and affection.

The Libran man loves people; he is one of the most extremely charming signs of the Zodiac, incredibly romantic and loving to get along with everyone. However, because the Libran man is always searching for beauty and their need to get along with everyone, translates into a sign that is not known for its’ faithfulness.

If you wish to stop the roving eye of the Libran male and keep him faithful, you must try to keep the relationship fresh and always make an attempt to pay close attention to details. Since Libran men are so romantic, even if you have been going steady for quite some time, chocolates, flowers and surprise gifts will still be something for you to expect.

Gestures of affection and love are very important to Libran men, and it is imperative that he does not get the feeling that he is getting short changed in the relationship by working harder than you are. One should note though, that a majority of Librans are a great mixture of fidelity and romance and that straying is the last thing that is on their minds.

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