Libra: Wedding, Honeymoon and Married Life

Libra: The Wedding

It probably took quite a while for Libra to make up his or her mind, but they’ve decided to take the plunge and tie the knot.

Chances are, it was a beautifully-worded proposal, over an elegant meal at the finest restaurant available, with a beautiful ring resting on top a delicate velvet-and-embroidered cushion, with light music playing in the background.

Think flowers and candlelight, and you’ll get the idea.

If the Libra happens to be the one being proposed to, you can bet that he or she will be charmed and pleased, but will need to take some time to decide. Of course, they’d love to get married…but so soon? And maybe not to this particular person… It goes on and on. Libras aren’t the most decisive of people.

Once the decision has been made, then it’s time to plan the wedding. Hopefully their partner is a bit better at making up their mind, otherwise it’ll take forever just to get the wedding off the ground.

Expect a lavish, elegant and lovely wedding. From the most stylish and classy wedding attire, to a beautifully decorated venue such as an old church or mansion, it will be an attractive affair.

Even the reception will likely be held at the trendiest, most elegant spot, like a hot nightclub or restaurant. Guests (consisting of family, friends and, if possible, the “it” crowd) will enjoy the finest buffet of finger foods, with classical/instrumental music playing.

Libra: The Honeymoon

Libra loves luxury. They love beauty and elegance and the finer things in life, which is why you’ll find Libra enjoying their honeymoon at the best resort they can afford, or on the best cruise ship available. Picture long, hot days of lying on the beach and sipping cocktails, and elegant dining options at night, before heading to the nearest nightclub for drinks and dancing while wearing the latest fashions.

Libra: Married Life

Libras are awfully nice people. They’re very considerate and kind, and will treat their partners as well as possible. They’ll remember the special days and events, and remember to bring flowers and assorted treats to share with their loved ones.

It’s been said that marriage is just one long conversation, and that suits Libra just fine! They’re great conversationalists, and curious about just about anything. They’re always learning, and love to talk about everything and anything. They’re fun to talk to, too. Their natural charm makes them excellent companions.

Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty and luxury, and will enjoy feathering their nest with their loved one. They may be a bit too extravagant on occasion, which is why it would be good to make sure at least one of them has a good job (and financial acumen).

They’re diplomatic and understanding. Their temper is short-lived, and they are not pushy, dominant types. Libra is very serious about marriage once they’re in it, and they’ll do their best to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. However, they don’t like being pushed around, or bossed around. It’s important that their spouse treats them with the same consideration that they offer their mate.

Marriage with a Libra is sure to be a pleasant life, if both partners are compatible.

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