Pisces in Marriage

Pisces in Marriage

Pisces Wife

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If you’ve ever dreamt of the perfect wife, one who will think the world of you, will be an emotional and physical partner, will compliment you in every way, without trying to change you, will be the perfect mother to your children, and a soulmate to you all your years, then throw the Piscean woman in a sack and take her home with you. This girl is one in a million, is femininity personified, and will always make you feel like a man.

If you’re someone who likes adversity and desires to be challenged by his spouse, then you’re better off with a Leo or an Aries wife. A Pisces woman won’t fight you often, if ever… why would she? If she’s selected you as her husband, then it must mean she is perfectly happy with who you are as a person. And she always will be. There might be times when you find her a tad too emotional – and she is extremely sensitive – so a harsh word or worse, an act of neglect, will wound her deeply. If you’re going to be a husband to the Pisces woman, then you need to match her sensitivity, at least partially.

Offer her kindness, generosity and a lot of love. That’s all she asks. She’ll accept you if you’re poor, short, weak, small, or have any other apparent flaw or blemish, as long as you love her implicitly. In fact, Pisces women tend to be drawn to men that have weaknesses because they like to take care of their spouses and smother them with love and adoration.

Even when it comes to children, the Pisces woman will tend to be secretly partial to the smaller or weaker child, the one who is maybe a little less bright, or has fewer talents, or is less accomplished than the others. The Pisces mother is every bit as kind and generous as she is as a wife, and no matter how many children you have, and how demanding they might be, she will always put you first. She might not be the best cook, unless she’s artistically inclined in the culinary skills. If she isn’t, then the thought of spending hours over a hot stove won’t appeal to her, because she’d rather spend that time pursuing the numerous artistic tendencies she is very likely to have. Though she is somewhat traditional and likes to play the role of a doting wife, she’s unlikely to care about how clean or spotless the house is, especially if she’s a career woman. The Pisces has many dreams and visions that stretch far beyond the borders of her house and she’s much too preoccupied with these endeavors to care about trivial things like organization, cleanliness or housework. Depending on her ascendant, she can also have a strong sense of humor, and be witty enough to always have a wisecrack or two up her sleeve. But it’s very unlikely that she will ever make you the butt of her jokes. In her heart, she’s a desperate romantic, and thinks the world of you. If you hurt or neglect her, she’s more likely to sink into a deep gloom than she is to sob hysterically or pour her feelings out. When she’s genuinely hurt, her tendency is to shut herself out from the world, into those dreams that are always in her eyes, just beneath the world she sees. During such times, it’s your duty to pull her out of her depression and assure that she’s loved. Because that’s all this Piscean wife wants, is to be loved.

And lucky for you, she makes it pretty easy for you to love her.

Pisces Husband

If you’re lucky, and I do mean genuinely lucky, you’ll find yourself a compatible match to a Pisces man, fall in love, and live happily ever after. It’s possible… but only if you’re lucky. Not every woman will find the typical Pisces man compatible, and that’s unfortunate, because he’ll make a terrific husband.

Every Piscean man majors in romance, and he therefore understands it better than all men, and maybe even most women. He’s not the kind who will show up at your door with chocolates and flowers – he understands that romance goes deeper than trivial gestures. He’s the kind who will read to you all night when you’re in bed with the flu, will cook for you, run your errands, and gently stroke your hair as you fall asleep on his chest. He’s that kind of guy, the one who is mature enough to take you in sickness and in health and not question you if the former seems to occur more often. Certain women will find his lack of passion and adventure a turn-off, and not unfairly, because one thing the Piscean husband is not is adventurous. Though he swims in deep fantasies and is perpetually lost in dreams, he loves the comfort of the known and the familiar far too much to wander out seeking adventure.

Pisces is also the most feminine sign in the Zodiac, and so he’s unlikely to throw you down fiercely and make passionate love to you. He’ll be gentle, tender and affectionate. If you’re the kind of woman who appreciates that, then great. If not, you better keep moving.

He tends to be either incredibly successful in his career or else woefully out of luck. There’s seldom a distinct balance for the Piscean man and it’s because of those dreams he has swimming in his eyes. He’ll work hard if needed, but since he decides whether it’s needed or not, it’s unlikely to happen often. You might have to put up with some tight budgets and help with with the paycheck when you can, but because he’s probably very intelligent, artistic and talented, when money does start to come in, it’ll arrive in boatloads. But even there, he’ll need your help managing it, because he doesn’t have the best measure of temperance when it comes to dollars and cents.

He’ll be very loyal to you, though his eyes will tend to wander occasionally. He appreciates beauty and hopes you do too. He’s not likely to be insanely jealous of any male friends you have and is pretty understanding with whatever issue or complaint you bring to him. In a nutshell, he’s a soft, mellow, traditional husband that is perfectly content to sit on a boat and coast through life with you. He’ll occasionally get into the cold water with you and swim a short distance. But he won’t stray too far from his boat, for the risk of swimming so far that he loses his way. Of course I had to use water for imagery, because you’re asking about a Piscean man after all! And if you’re marrying one, then you must be one of the lucky ones.

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