Leo Aries Relationship is Fast

Aries man and Leo woman dating advice compatibility

I am concerned that perhaps I may have done something wrong?

I’m a Leo, he’s an Aries. Everything was going wonderfully. We were friends for 6 months. He stated in the beginning he wasn’t ready for a relationship. This was fine with me but slowly he started giving me different signals. We started dating. Then after hanging out several times we had sex. We have had sex now a few times and it was wonderful, we stayed the night together. But then a couple of days ago he told me that we have rushed things. He states that he wants to slow things down, remain close and hang out all the time, but wants to take things slow. He said his reason is because he does really like me and wants us to work out and become something serious. Am I losing him? Should I take a step back and let things just fall into place or move on?

Hi T,

I understand that you inner Leo wants nothing more than to pounce once your Aries man gave the go-ahead. This is a Leo’s natural instinct. They are cats after all, and kings (or Queens as your case may be). But, pull back, take a deep breath, and SLOW down for him. Let him get his footing back and recompose himself. He needs to gather his strength to court his lovely Leo. Remember, good things come to those who wait, and this is why…

You, Leo goddess, have simply overwhelmed the poor man. To start, a Leo and an Aries are VERY compatible between the sheets. I am sure you both most certainly made sparks fly together. This may be a large reason for you Aries pulling back a bit. Simply put, you blew his mind. Aries males need to feel they are the leaders just as strongly any Leo, and this is particularly true if they are males. Do not fret however, this can be a great combination my lovely Leo, IF you are willing to give up the lead. You see. A relationship is like a beautiful ballroom dance. During the dance, it is the man’s job to lead his lady. This is important, because when you have two partners trying to take the lead at the same time, it ends in a very ungraceful mess. Courting is very much the same way, in appearance anyway (we ladies know that is not always the case). So, your Aries just wants the opportunity to lead his lady in the courtship dance.

What does this mean in the long run for the two of you? If, my dear Leo, you can give up that urge to take control right out the gate, you can be very happily rewarded in the long run. Once your Aries feels comfortable with his emotions towards you and with his leading position, you both can share the reigns. Leo/Aries duos have wonderful potential to have lasting relationships that allow the freedom and independence that both hold so dear. The key is timing, and willingness to share your noble thrown. The reward, is amazing sex and a partner who will love your strong, independent nature.

So, in summation my longing Leo, your Aries just wants an opportunity to show you that he can be your king. He cannot do this when his brain has been completely turned to mush and his legs are a wobbly mess. He needs a clear head to court you the way you deserve to be courted. Hang back, and let him show his stuff. You can step out of the spot light for a bit (you look fabulous no matter where you stand darling) and let him shine. You will be glad of it in the long run. The potential ending of this courtship brings to my mind a certain song by another Leo….something about feeling like a virgin….waiting does have its advantages, when the gate is finally open. Enjoy the ride…

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