Sagittarius Female Cheating Risk

This woman is independent, exciting and feisty, but she is also honest, and a Sagittarius female cheating is not something in her typical stereotype.

This woman, known as the “wild child” of all the horoscope signs, loves and cherishes her freedom, so if you are possessive and/or needy by nature, a Sagittarius woman would not be a good match for you. Neither of you would be happy for very long.

When you compare Sagittarians to other zodiac signs, they are considered to be very athletic and enjoy the thrill of adventures. If you really want to keep your Sagittarius lady happy, the ingredients are simple – first have fun with her (including an active and non-boring sex life), and secondly keep conversation stimulating. She is a well-educated lady and loves to learn and teach. A Sagittarius woman is rarely at a loss for words, and engaging in a spirited conversation, on a variety of topics, is something that you would both enjoy.

Detailed orientated this lady is not, she lives life to the fullest and with a broad paint stroke. She sees the big picture in everything, and easily gets bored with the mundane details.

It seems that Sagittarians have a talent for sailing through life without much stress (perhaps because they don’t get entangled with the little, unnecessary details of daily living). They are portrayed as being “lucky”, unnecessary risks and gambles will be taken more often with this zodiac sign, than with any of the other horoscope signs, because of the natural confidence they possess.

A negative trait of those women born between November 23rd and December 22nd is that because she speaks her mind without considering the feelings of another, she can be perceived as being “too blunt” by the other horoscope signs, that are sensitive and deeply emotional. The downfall of a Sagittarius female is that she may become too impatient with people that prefer a quieter and more subtle view of the world.

Because of a female Sagittarius’ need for “space”, some potential mates that feel the need to “possess” and/or “control” in a relationship might consider this suspicious behavior, but in reality, this lady just hates the idea of “feeling trapped”. If and when you can assure her that she can still have her “space” and not feel smothered, your chances of having a faithful and committed relationship with a beautiful, intelligent woman has certainly increased. This is not a very complex woman, so it is easy to feel confident that a Sagittarius female cheating on you would rarely happen, if she is kept engaged, provided with some fun, adventure and not having tight reigns placed upon her, it should then be easy to make and keep this woman happy.

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