Sagittarius in Sports

By now everyone is aware how your zodiac sign can influence your personality, tell you about your love life and even your Career. However, what people don’t often know is how their sign can tell them what body parts that their sign rules and how efficiently they react to sports! In knowing this information a person can greatly help and influence their sporting life – Which intrigued us to write an article about zodiac signs in sport! This time we are going to go in depth with the Sagittarius sign.

The beauty of a Sagittarian is they are the only sign who is half human half animal – which is the ultimate breed for sporting activities! They are logical and resourceful like a human and yet angelic and fast like an animal. However, this really is the only strength they have – for sport. They are cheerful to so of course that helps the team sports but that really be pushing the boat for strengths!

Moving onto weaknesses a Sagittarian has two main weaknesses for sports independence and being straight forward in nature. This is because a Sagittarian is so independent; it is actually bad for them in sports. They are more likely than any other sign to be loners and exercise by themselves than go out with a friend for exercise/sport or join a sporting team. Being straight forward in nature makes them not much fun at all, if you want to go mountain biking they probably won’t, they prefer the basic or traditional sports such as Tennis.

Traits! Sagittarians are ambitious creatures making a sporting career extremely likely for them! They never give up until they get where they’re going or win at their chosen sport. One of their sweet traits is that Sagittarians are optimistic in life; they have a positive attitude about everything. So even if your 3 goals down with 3 minutes left of your soccer match, they will still believe you can win – or be blessed that they and you have had such a fun match already! A Sagittarian is also helpful creatures in every corner of their lives.

They are handy to have on a team because if someone gets suddenly hurt a Sagittarian without even a second thought will jump in and help the poor person recuperate. One of the bad traits for sports for a Sagittarian is restlessness. They are often described as impatient and temperamental little half breeds. This can also sometimes lead to aggressive behaviour all of which is very bad for sports. They needn’t bring this trait to the field!

The most important trait a Sagittarian has for their sporting life is leadership! They are born leaders in every sense of the word. Hesitation is a word they just don’t know, they like to set the trends and be on top of their game at all times. Organisation is the name of the game for them – which they excel at because of their determination and optimism in all given situations of life.

Now we have arrived at the section for body parts that Sagittarius rules they’re as follows: liver, hips, thighs, and sciatic nerve! Knowing this information can greatly help a person plan out their sporting activities and workouts. This is because you can see from your signs body parts where your strength and your weaknesses are. From this information you can see that weight training probably isn’t for a Virgo, they could hurt their signs body parts greatly.

In relation to the body parts we now delve into the health benefits associated with the Sagittarian sign in sports and exercise. While Sagittarians do reap the health benefits of exercise and sport they are actually the healthiest of all the zodiac signs by nature (for the most part due to their dual breed nature). The Sagittarius sign excels in outdoor activities giving them the benefits of clean air and sunlight. Sagittarians have strong legs and need to keep them in good health and should try cycling for this to reap the benefits go for at least 2 hours, 3 times a week to increase circulation, muscle density and stronger legs! It’s also an awesome idea for a Sagittarian to stretch a lot such as yoga, this is important for building flexibility in their legs and hamstrings to avoid straining their bodies – this because they are accident prone!

Lastly, we look at a list of good and bad sports for your sign! Good sports are as follows: cycling, yoga, cardio, tennis, basketball, badminton and squash. These are chosen good sports because they are all good for your core leg muscles. Bad sports are as follows: golf, football, soccer, gymnastics and cricket. These sports aren’t so good for the legs and could cause straining – not good for these half breeds! As with everything don’t overdo it, use your traits sparingly, use your strengths to their full capacity and of course have fun!

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