Sagittarius Male Cheating Risk

Living life to the fullest is the mantra of most Sagittarius men. They love excitement and adventure. A partner that is “needy” and “dependent” would not make a good match for this “on the go” and independent personality. If you try to cage or trap this man, you will soon find yourself alone and seeking the companionship of another.

Subtle is not this man’s strong point, he shoots straight from the hip, and speaks his mind without concern for the feelings of others. But on the plus side, if this man loves you, there will be no question in your mind, because he will TELL you verbally and outright, and also desire to spend quite a lot of time with you.

He is very intuitive and it may be perceived as “lucky” to some. This talent may lead him toward gambling, but we all know that the odds are against you in the game of chance.

Sagittarius men are not very “high strung”, they seem not to get stressed-out, and seem to glide through life happily and effortlessly. His optimism is high and certainly to a fault, for example, have the 12 signs of the horoscope line up at a cliff’s edge, the Sagittarius will most likely be the first to jump – not because he is suicidal – but because he honestly believes that somehow, something will stop him from reaching the bottom and his untimely death.

Conversations with this man will never be boring, he loves to teach and learn. His thinking is very broad, so he doesn’t feel that he needs to be bothered with the details of life.

Because small details seem to elude him, he may find himself encountering many more obstacles than someone who has foresight to plan for all the scenarios. He will focus on one career path and see it to the end.

Due to his emotional immaturity, he can come off as being shallow and certainly blunt. This trait will be a turn off to some signs that lean toward emotions, and those that don’t; this bluntness will come as a breath of fresh air.

Sagittarius men are not cheating men by nature, but keep in mind that they hate to feel trapped. Unless he feels confident that he will still have “his space”, a solid commitment from this man may be difficult.

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