Scorpio Female Cheating Risk

Scorpio female cheating is not something that this woman engages in for the fun of it. When in love, she is a loving, faithful and committed partner. But we warn you not to play with her emotions, as revenge is something she will partake in, if she has been hurt, deceived and/or cheated on.

The lady born between October 24th and November 22nd is intuitive, and she has an understanding of people and situations that cannot be compared. If you plan on cheating on the Scorpio woman, be prepared to not only be caught, but to also have to deal with the consequences.

Positive qualities of a Scorpio female

Her charm and mysterious qualities are appealing to a potential mate, and her eyes are hypnotic and are ultimately, mesmerizing. She is confident and in most instances, she has a positive outlook on life, and has the unique ability to be able to turn any negative situation into a positive experience.

For the most part, she has a gentle and affectionate nature. She is a loyal friend and lover, and as such, she expects the same courtesy from those people that she holds dear to her heart.

Negative qualities of a Scorpio female

Not one person is perfect, and let’s face it, we all have our negative qualities and the Scorpio woman is no different. She can be brutally honest in her speech can hurt someone’s feelings or ego. The scary part about the Scorpio woman is her sting! She will take and savor revenge, if she has been wronged.

She is prone to be a very jealous woman, and her possessiveness can and will cause tension within any relationship.

Her role in a relationship:

She attracts her mate with her soft voice and her seductive mannerisms. She has enough confidence in herself, which allows her mate the freedom to take center stage. She will be supportive and encouraging of any career that is chosen and whatever future dreams that they might have. She is a loyal partner and a very strong support system for her entire family.

After marriage, she has no desire to find work outside of the home. She will keep a perfectly inviting home that will always be clean and orderly, and at the ready to receive any guests at a moment’s notice.

Scorpio women are special ladies, and you share this astrological sign with some very talented and famous women, such as:

The beautiful and multi-talented, Julia Roberts, who was born on October 28, 1967; also the
incredibly brilliant scientist, Marie Curie was born November 7, 1867; Hillary Clinton, a strong and
intelligent women, was born on October 26, 1947.

Final word:

This Scorpio lady will be admired from afar, and may even approached by interested parties, but she will remain faithful to her current love, and a Scorpio female cheating is not commonly found.

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