Scorpio in Marriage

Scorpio in Marriage

Scorpio Wife

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She is Hera herself, descended upon the Earth to destroy mankind. She’s the mythical siren, voluptuous and irresistible, leading innocent ships to their doom. She’s the girl at the party, the one that made love to you from across the room with just her eyes, who you make a beeline for the moment you see her, even if you came to the party with another girl. But the by the time you reach her, you’ll bump into every other guy there, because chances are they were all headed for her. But want to know the truly frightening thing? She can destroy all thirty of you in a single moment. She is a Scorpion after all—did you think that stinger was just decorative?

Now, if you haven’t wet your pants or rushed off to join a monastery, let me point out that the Scorpio woman is vengeful and dangerous but not evil. I said that she could destroy all thirty of you, not that she would or that she would even want to. She can defend herself when needed, won’t take abuse or rudeness from anyone, and will go down fighting if necessary. But she’s neither vindictive, nor is she evil. On the contrary, beneath that sexy, feminine exterior, lies the purest and most virtuous of hearts. It just doesn’t get any better than courting a typical Scorpio woman. She’s more romantic than the Cancer woman, more passionate than the Leo, more feminine than the Piscean, more promiscuous than the Sagittarian, and more adventurous than the Aries. There is no such thing as a boring date with a Scorpio woman—it’s impossible. She’s a fantastic conversationalist, a flawless dresser, an elegant companion, and a passionate lover. These are all the reasons why you got down on one knee, after all, and they’re why you put up with her occasional temper tantrums, or her penchant for judging you. Do you realize that despite the rare flaw that she shows every so often, she’s the very personification of the ideal woman? A Scorpio woman is more a mistress than a wife, and I mean that in the best way possible. She’s high-maintenance, but worth it. She needs constant attention, and won’t shy away from reminding you when you fail to provide it. She’s not like the Cancer wife, who will sulk if neglected, nor is she like the Gemini wife, who is secretly grateful for the solitude. No, the Scorpion wife will hunt you down and hurt you if you hurt her, such that by the time she’s vented her anger, you’ll be left counting your equipment, not rubbing them.

Most Scorpio women are talented chefs; they approach cooking with the same passion that they do lovemaking, so you won’t have any complaints in either the kitchen or the bedroom.

Being critical is part of her nature, so get used to it. She’ll tell you how thoughtful her best friend’s husband was on their anniversary, or how much money her old high school boyfriend makes at his executive position. This will no doubt rile you, but don’t even think about returning the favor and comparing her to another woman, or you’ll have to stitch on a new pair so that she tore off you. See, she points out your faults to motivate you to be the best man you can be, but this is only in private. Outside of the two of you, if anyone from a stranger to her best friend or even her mother makes the slightest negative comment about you, she’ll tear them to pieces. She is fiercely loyal and protective of you.

Scorpio women make the best mothers, and it’s because they are natural caregivers and nurturers. There’ll be a tendency to coddle the children and smother them with attention, but the kids won’t complain. They know she has their best interest at heart, and that her kitchen table, like her heart, will always have a place for them.

She may be high-maintenance, and might expect you to improve yourself every moment of your marriage. But it’s because she’s the best there is, and the best always costs a little bit more. Give her whatever she asks for, because she’s worth it. After all, when a Scorpio enters your life, can you really turn her away?

Scorpio Husband

There is only one other sign outside of the three usual fire signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo that is included into the exclusive club, and that sign is Scorpio. Though technically a water sign and therefore endowed with the sensitivity, artistry and emotionality of one born under such a sign, Scorpios (and in particular Scorpio men) also embody fire in their behavior and personality. Every girl’s had a crush on a Scorpio man at some point, whether they realize it or not. He’s the dark-eyed guy with the intense gaze, the easy smile, and the laidback approach to life that throws your hormones in a frenzy. His most attractive feature is his confidence, which you can recognize easily as being a facade, because underneath it, he’s insecure and vulnerable. It’s what makes him so appealing is that he’s the classic bad-boy, with the soft heart. He’ll talk passionately about things, and yet make it seem like he’s unaffected by them. He’ll smoke a cigarette every half hour, but assure you that he’s not addicted—and what’s more, you’ll believe him. He’ll flirt with you convincingly, but then not return your calls. It’s why so many women can never resist his charm, because he invented the game, and he plays it better than anyone else.

It’s why you married him, isn’t it? He floored you with that sweet yet mischievous smile, the one that tugged at your heartstrings and made your palms sweat at the same time. Well, get used to being uncomfortable around him, because that’s his biggest strength. Scorpio men never become dull, not even after forty years of marriage. He’s brimming with secrets, with untold passions and yet-to-confess lies, and you won’t get to them all, even if you both last another forty years.

For all their sex appeal and attractiveness, Scorpio men aren’t tailor-made husbands. They don’t enjoy commitment, and don’t find the idea of any kind of schedule or restraint appealing. That’s not to say that they’re free-spirited like the Aquarian or the Sagittarian, but they just don’t like anyone encroaching on their freedom. See, the Scorpio husband wants to be the boss, and won’t stand for anyone telling him what to do or how to do it. For all his likeability and charm, he has a stinging temper that can rattle the bravest, and the best way to stir it is to deny him his will. If you’re going to make marriage work with the Scorpio male, then you’re going to have to give him his space. He’ll flirt with every woman he meets, but not sleep with any of them. In fact, forget cheating; after he’s spent an afternoon sitting with you and your girlfriends, flirtatiously interacting with every one of them, ask him for one of their names, and he’ll look at you dumb-founded. Ask him to describe any of them, and again he’ll be stumped.

It’s not them he likes, it’s their attention. He knows where his attention-seeking ends, and where his love for you begins, and it’s the latter that means everything to him. He is romance-personified, is the most passionate man you’ll find, the kind that will curl your toes by night, be your best friend you by day, and promise you the world and mean it. Remember how on your first date he seized your wrist, pulled you into him and kissed you so passionately that your mind went blank? For most men that’s their high point. For a Scorpio man, it’s just the beginning.

Sometimes his strong sense of passion will turn to an unusually short temper if you don’t reciprocate, and such Scorpio men lose their charm to bitterness. But for the most part he’s a likeable, friendly guy, and will effortlessly schmooze your family, friends, hairstylist, pastor or whoever else you have in your life. In fact, if for some reason the marriage doesn’t work, or the two of you separate, then don’t expect to get much sympathy, even from your closest friends. He is flawless at appearing faultless, and even if the reason your marriage turned south is that he slept with your sister (a far-fetched but not impossible scenario with the Scorpio male), then you’ll still wind up being blamed.

He has a thirst for attention, a hunger for success and an absolute craving for sex. But his soulmate is his air, and he would die without you long before he suffers from any of those other deficiencies. Love him back, because that won’t be hard to do. And remember that you’re a lucky woman, because not many have the chance to fall for a bad boy and marry him, too.

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