Scorpio Male Cheating Risk

Men born between the dates of October 23 and November 21 are Scorpios and they are men of great intensity, in all they do and say. This male will say things that the rest of us are only thinking. He is not mean spirited, but he will state the truth even if it hurts the feelings of a person that is sensitive. This man doesn’t use a “sugar coating” in his thoughts and opinions. Honesty, even brutal, is a good quality – right?

Understanding this man and his personality is the key to a loyal and loving mate.

His positive qualities lay with his loyalty and ability to be very resourceful. The flip side is that a Scorpio male is extremely jealous and obsessive. He is not jealous because of low self-esteem; it is just his way of showing love toward you.

He is independent and you must allow him his space. Telling a Scorpio male that he is not capable will have you escorted to the door.

Lying to this man will surely backfire on you as he is very intuitive and understands what people are “trying” to say even when they don’t say it outright.

A Scorpion man has old fashioned views regarding relationships. He expects to be the breadwinner and in charge of the relationship. He is very good with his money; he makes it and keeps to a firm budget.

With their intuitive skills, caring and passionate nature, Scorpion men make great friends. But you never want to find yourself on the wrong side of the scorpion stinger as he never forgets (whether he is wronged or the recipient of a kind act). He repays betrayal with vengeance and a good deed with kindness. He is a man of “extremes”; the pendulum never settles in the middle for this man.

With all the traits, both good and bad, many women find the Scorpion man to be very sexy, intense and passionate. There are some women that feed on that, especially those with similar traits. However, if you are boring, shallow and uninteresting, then the Scorpion man is not for you.

Without the intensity and the passion in a relationship, the Scorpion male will seek other pastures and you will find yourself being stung by the cheating Scorpio male.

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