Scorpio Man in Love

If you’re looking for a soul mate where you can share your mind, body and soul with, a Scorpio man is the man for you! A Scorpio man is a perfect mate with his sincerity and intensity for the love of his life. Scorpio is a water element sign like Pisces and Cancer so he communicates through his feelings and emotions. Like water signs, Scorpios are uniquely curious with the human condition and all that it entails. So when picking a potential mate, he needs someone that intrigues his senses and someone that he can be completely open and honest with.

A Scorpio man might have many lovers but he is only sharing his mind and body with them; he will wait and search for that perfect someone that he can eventually give his all too, including his heart and soul. Scorpio by nature is a extremely passionate and intense lover, so don’t be scared of all the love that he is willing to give you.

Scorpio is a family oriented person and will do anything for the ones he loves. He expects his potential mate to understand this and share similar outlooks on family. Scorpio man is very powerful and charming and hooks his lovers with his mysterious ways and dark nature. Since Scorpio is a water sign, he tends to have bouts of depression and emotional withdrawal but because of his strength and self-preservation, he will always come out of it with a new found discovery about himself and the world around him.

Due to Scorpios intense emotions, he can be very possessive of his lover and feel a sense of entitlement once in a relationship. But when choosing a mate, he wants someone who is as strong as he is with intelligence and independence. Because of his quest for the perfect soul mate, once he believes he has found that in you, you are not going anywhere! A Scorpio man never backs down to a challenge and he will do whatever it takes to make and keep you happy because that’s how he expresses his love. A relationship with a Scorpio man is a very loving and admirable union with never ending love for one another.

A Scorpio man in love will spoil his lover with the best of everything from dinners to vacations and random tokens of appreciation to show how much he is madly in love with you. Since Scorpio can have moments of depression, he might isolate himself from the world and maybe even you but don’t take it personally, this is just his time to reflect about life and things that he feels needs to change. But once he has had his space, he will come back full force ready to make up for his missing presence in the relationship.

Scorpio is a manly man so he needs a mate that will make him feel like a King and in return he will treat you like royalty. Scorpio man is an extremely loyal lover so this can make him possessive and jealous of you but that’s only because he feels like he won a prize, a prize he does not want to share with anybody. But once he feels trust and loyal from you, he will loosen his grip and give you freedom because he values his own freedom as well.

A Scorpio man in love is just that best friend that we all want in a mate. He’s always willing to lend an ear and listen to your troubles and give great advice to help you through it. When in a relationship with a Scorpio man, expect lots of random hugs and kisses because he is an affectionate man. So when picking a potential mate, he expects someone he can be completely affectionate with and give him the same affection in return. Scorpio is known to be the ruler of sex and sexual allure, so with him, expect a passionate and intense love affair that can heat up a room! His mystery that he has only heightens his sexual allure.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, his overall best compatibility will be with fellow water element signs Pisces and Cancer because they understand his need for emotional oneness with his mate and their able to swim the emotional waves with him. Scorpio and Pisces could make a perfect union because they both have a mutual understanding of each other and because they are both water signs; they will naturally understand each other’s heart and mind. Scorpio can be a little too mysterious for Pisces liking and Pisces can withdraw emotionally which bothers Scorpio, but this is very minor to the other great qualities each will bring into this relationship. Pisces is filled with ideas and imagination which Scorpio loves and Scorpio will give the drive and ambition to put those ideas into action which Pisces appreciates. Together, these two signs can have a wonderful relationship because they both are dedicated and devoted lovers.

Scorpio and Cancer can also make a perfect union since both of these signs are intense and passionate lovers. They together will share a unique bond that will make them feel that they have found their soul mate. These two signs will share oneness on many levels: mentally, emotionally and definitely physically. Because they both love to make their partner happy, you can expect these two signs to have a relationship filled with endless passion and loyalty for one another. Cancer will bring the domestic realm to the relationship and Scorpio will bring the passion and power and together they will form an unbreakable bond that can stand the test of time.

Scorpio can also find an ideal match in earth element signs, Capricorn and Virgo because they value security and close bonds in relationships. Scorpio and Capricorn can make an ideal relationship because they both want nothing more than to have a mate that they can completely trust and grow with. Like earth signs, Capricorn may need some time to warm up to Scorpio but once this happens, they will form a lovely union. Capricorn has that drive and independence that Scorpio wants in a mate and Scorpio has that intense loyalty that Capricorn needs from a mate. In this relationship, both signs will learn and mature from the qualities each brings. Capricorn and Scorpio are two very devoted signs when it comes to love so you can expect for these two to go to any lengths to make each other happy and comfortable.

Scorpio and Virgo can also have an ideal relationship because they both will enjoy spending time together. They will have a lot of alone time where they can explore and share their minds and body. Virgo will bring the intellect into the relationship which Scorpio loves because it will intrigue him and Scorpio will bring that stability which Virgo craves. Both Scorpio and Virgo are dependable signs so you can expect them to wait on each other hand and foot. These two will have a relationship with an intense mutual understanding of each other and their needs.

A Scorpio and Taurus may also have an ideal match but because these two signs are so similar when it comes to possessiveness and a need to control, they may bump heads and bump heads hard! These two will either learn to share the power in the relationship or there is no chance of them lasting very long.

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