Scorpio: The Wedding, Honeymoon, and Married Life

Scorpio: The Wedding

If a Scorpio proposes to you, you can be sure that he or she means it, no matter how offhand or teasingly they may do it. If the person being proposed to doesn’t take the matter seriously, Scorpio may act as if it’s okay, but it’s really not. If they care enough to propose, then they’re risking their feelings and their trust.

Scorpio is going to want to show off their bride or groom, and the wedding will reflect that. They’ll want to look good, and they’ll want the bride or groom to look good, too. While it won’t be a huge wedding, they’ll want the very best venue and decorations and props that they can afford. They’ll want their family and friends (the ones whom they like, anyway) to be present, and they’ll invite whoever they feel obligated to from work.

The reception will be an affair to quietly impress. Really, Scorpio will hate spending the money unless their mate wants them to, but if they’re going to do it, then it’ll be first class all the way. They’ll be furious if everything isn’t to their liking.

Scorpio: The Honeymoon

The nearest bedroom.

‘Nuff said.

Scorpio: Married Life

If a Scorpio loves and trusts you enough to marry you, then rest assured that they love and trust you. They won’t jump into a reckless marriage.

That being said, their mate had better be tough. Their mate will have to be tough enough to handle Scorpio’s moods and temper, possessiveness, jealousy, and brutal honesty.

At the same time, their spouse will have to match Scorpio for passion and intensity, while being loving, supportive and reassuring. All the while, while still being their own person and having their own life…so much as Scorpio will tolerate.

It’s a tall order. On the inside, Scorpio is very sensitive and proud, and very easily hurt. They’ll hate it if their mate causes a scene, because they hate to look bad.

However, if their mate has made it far enough along to actually be married, then chances are they know what they’re dealing with, and can handle it. Still…not an easy marriage, by any means.

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