Taurus Compatibility

A Taurean will view relationships from a strictly commercial point of view, the way they would finalizing a business deal or buying a house. A partner must be methodically selected with due process. Capricorns make the best bet, for both signs are so similar in their level with a hard-headed approach to life, and they form stable, lasting relationships together. There will be a strong tendency to butt heads though, and when these two get into a fight, it will be a long one.

Virgos and Taurus find harmony in relationships, purely because they compliment one another’s lifestyles well. Virgo likes a stable partner that can provide bursts of passion, while Taurus likes a reliable, faithful mate. While Taurus is the more passionate of the two, they might not have quite enough for the Virgo’s liking, which is the only reason this match will ever break.

There is no better mate for the Taurus than a Scorpio, but that is if (and ONLY if) the two don’t kill each other first. When they bond, they bond for life, and the relationship won’t be found lacking in any department. They will be the envy of all other couples. But like I said, that’s only if they do get along, which Taurus and Scorpio do only half the time.

Pisces are gentle and romantic souls that appease the level-headed philosophy of the Taurus, while providing the sensitivity they at times lack. Surprisingly, these relationships will endure a lot of fights, but they will generally come through them even stronger.

Cancers and Taureans have good working relationships, but as partners this match isn’t a sure bet. Cancers are romantic and idealistic, while Taureans are practical and financially minded. If a relationship ensues, this discrepancy in attitudes will eat away at both partners and mostly result in a break-up.

Aries, the adjacent sign of Taurus, will bond well with the sign of the Bull. While both have contrasting personalities, they have similar ways of going about their lives, and will enjoy a good camaraderie. Passion will not be found lacking in such matches, though a sense of romance or sensitivity will be at a loss.

Leo and Taurus have an unnatural understanding of each other, and will forge bonds even as friends that defy logic. But in relationships, the Taurus’ stubborn and controlling streak will clash with the Leo that likes to be in command and likes things to go their way. But oddly enough, while they will be ready to fight each other often, very rarely will they actually go to war over an issue (which might actually be one of their problems).

Sagittarius and Taurus are two signs that seldom affect one another, which affects their chances of being good partners. Unless ascendants play a significant role, for the most part neither sign will respect the other’s causes. They might be great friends, but for a relationship to work, the Taurus will have to respect the Archer’s social and political causes, while the Sagittarian will have to embrace the Taurus’ financial aspirations.

Air signs make poor matches with the Bull, but amongst them Gemini stands out first, due to the their close proximity in the Zodiac. Taureans are faithful companions and partners, and though in Gemini they are likely to feel a sense of distrust, mostly owing to the Gemini’s knack for getting lost in a myriad of activities at once, there is nevertheless a sense of deep trust between these two signs. Taurus will be the stabilizing force for the Gemini, who in turn will use their considerable talents and intellect to better serve the relationship.

Aquarians and Taureans are the signs that are aware of each other, but not particularly interested in one another. The Taurean charm and intelligence will attract the Aquarian’s curious mind, while the soulful nature of the Aquarian will calm the Taurus that seldom thinks about anything but finances, but even so this relationship is not always a sure bet.

Libras, lastly, tend to rub Taurus the wrong way. Both signs are strongly opinionated and stubborn, and while they may thrive in professional settings, are unlikely to strike strong or lasting partnerships.

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