Taurus in Marriage

Taurus in Marriage

Taurus Wife

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If you’re married to a Taurus woman, then you’ve already learned that pushing her buttons is not a wise thing to do. That or your bruises healed quickly.

Taurean women are calm and rational for the majority of the time, but their temper is always boiling below the calm exterior they put on, and though it will take a lot to set them off, it will also take a lot to cool them down afterwards. Libran women have tempers that flare suddenly, but fall equally fast. Water signs like Cancer have similar tempers, but can be a little nastier. Fire signs like Leos have volatile, flamboyant tempers. But earth signs like your Taurus wife? Forget it! When she gets mad (and that must mean you ticked her off good), you’re going to have change your mailing address to the doghouse, because you’re going to be there a while.

For the majority of the time, she’s an absolute darling to be around. Cool and practical as she is, she exudes a calming influence over every situation, and draws men in with her promise of temperance and stability. It’s what drew you to her in the first place, wasn’t it? That and probably the cooking she wowed you with when she had you over for dinner. Most Taurean women are wizards in the kitchen, and though they’re unlikely to experiment with their cooking like Aquarius or be passionate with the creation like Scorpio, they have a great knack for following recipes and completing tasks. Trust me, you won’t be complaining about dinner.

Despite not being the most passionate sign in the Zodiac, Taurean women have a deep sensuality about them, that only you will know about. To the rest of the world, they will seem flat and cool, but you know you can excite her, and that she loves your touch. Touch is a strong word for her, because she judges everything by its feel, whether it’s the carpet for the downstairs remodeling, the fabric for the new drapes in the nursery, or even that new dress she’s buying for her sister’s engagement party. She’s not the type to fly into a flash of rage if she catches your eyes following a pair of long legs in a leather mini, nor will she give you the cold shoulder if you just hired yourself a gorgeous, young secretary. She trusts you, and more importantly she trusts herself as a woman. Of course, with a Cancer or an Aries ascendant, that might be different, but Taurean women by nature are never insecure or jealous. But she has a clear sense of morality and fair-play, so make sure you don’t cross any boundaries.

She’ll be a loving, adoring mother that will tend to your little ones’ every single need, and baby them with attention. But she won’t tolerate insolence from them (not from you, for that matter) and will always try to enforce order and discipline. To put it bluntly, she’s a great wife. She’s a loyal companion, a sensible woman, and a faithful friend. Stay true to her, and she’ll give you a lifetime of contentment. Just remember what I told you about getting on her wrong side though. Ever see the pair of horns on a bull? With a Taurus woman, those horns aren’t just decorative, you know…

Taurus Husband

He wouldn’t have climbed up onto your balcony and professed his love to you; he wouldn’t have written beautiful poetry and stuck them in your locker at school; and he wouldn’t have proposed with a poignant, romantic speech that bared his soul and left you with no doubt about his feelings for you. This is the Taurus man we’re talking about here. Balconies are too high and dangerous to climb—what do you think stairs and doors were invented for? Why write confusing lines of poetry, when you can summarize it better in a short, clear essay? And it’s more important to propose with a clear plan for your financial future, than with a romantic speech, isn’t it? Some girls are practical enough to agree, and they’ll do fine being married to the Taurus man. Other women want the romance, the sappiness and the gestures; these women will be better off with a Pisces or Cancer man. Taurean man are as practical and logical as can be, and are more likely to show you blueprints of your future house than a scrapbook of your time together. They look forward, not back. They read the finance papers, not the entertainment section. They buy cars, not motorbikes. Being an earth-sign, they have an unobstructed view of what their home needs. They’ll build you the strongest, safest house you ever saw, one that no big bad wolf can huff or puff or blow down. They’ll leave the decorating to you, so long as you don’t overdo it with the flowers and leave the pink to the Pepto-Bismol bottle.

They don’t care for girly, frilly things, and like all things classy, moderate and practical. Taurean men were made for marriage. They have the financial security for it, and they have the kind of emotional stability most women crave. They won’t surprise you with spontaneous gestures on your anniversary, but remind them of what it is you like and they’ll consistently get it for you every year (and you know money’s no issue with a Taurus). He will like things to be measured and predictable, so if you’re planning to surprise him with a Caribbean getaway for your anniversary, well… don’t. It’s not a safe bet even after you’re both retired and have flexible schedules, because he likes to prepare for everything over a long time.

He will have a good sense of humor, but will be more juvenile than high-class wit. It’s unlikely that he will be very artsy or enjoy fine literature, but depending on his ascendant, he could very well be a champion musician or successful novelist. But even where art is concerned, his method is more about consistency than spontaneity. You’ll notice that he likes to take his time in everything that he does, and finds comfort in patterns and routines. He’ll instill these values in your children, and be a cozy, friendly dad to them. He’ll truly enjoy spending time with them, and will always be approachable, unlike Leo or Virgo dads. And he’ll be a great husband to you, as long as you don’t surprise him with big changes. Love him, let him love you in his own way, and let him plan your future for you. Trust me, he’ll plan it well.

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