Taurus Male Cheating Risk

Taurus men are passionate and romantic; they write love poems and send flowers. This man is sexually stimulated by his senses and it is obvious that he loves to touch, so it helps your cause to keep a Taurus Man happy by keeping your skin silky and soft.

Even though the sign of the Bull, Taurus men are usually calm and do not get upset easily – but the “Bull” will show his horns if he needs to defend something that he believes strongly in and/or needs to protect. He is possessive and jealous, so talking about past loves will not be toward your benefit. Being jealous and possessive is the Taurus Males’ Achilles heel and it may cause fights and riff in a relationship.

Taurus men, although not superficial, do appreciate good looks in his mate and you should never slack off in this area.

If you are looking for marriage material, you would need to look no further than the Taurus Man. He values commitment and will not tolerate infidelity; he is faithful in a relationship and will definitely expect the same from his mate.

This man is old fashioned and traditional in all aspects; he is reliable, and a stable homebody. Taurus is an Earth sign, and he is well grounded.

He has no desire in playing “mind games” or getting into a mental power struggle with you – this type of behavior will have him looking for someone else for sure!

The only way that a Taurus Man will cheat is if he falls “out” of love with you. You know that he is in love when he wants to take care of you, as a good protector and provider. He shares his deepest secrets with you and he talks about you fondly to all his friends and family.

If and when a Taurus Man is cheating, you will know it. It is not something that is done behind your back. It means that he is done with you, and moving on to someone who will fulfill all his needs and desires.

Majority of Taurus Men are loving and caring partners and cheating is a deal breaker in this relationship. He will not accept it and he holds high standards for himself and his mate.

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