Taurus: Wedding, Honeymoon and Married Life

Taurus: The Wedding

So how does a Taurus go about walking down the aisle?

Well, it starts with a proposal. And probably a sweet, sentimental one at that. Maybe even with a little surprise thrown in for extra romance. For instance, a reservation at the restaurant where the couple had their first dinner date, perhaps on the anniversary of something special, like the moment they first met. The Bull might not even say anything until dessert shows up and there it is: a sparkling engagement ring, smack on top of the tiramisu!

Once Taurus has put a ring on it, it’s time to plan the wedding. The Bull will want something that’s low-key but traditional, and surrounded with loved ones. In nice weather, they may prefer a cozy ceremony in someone’s garden, while wearing traditional, but comfortable, wedding attire. They’ll probably get their parents to help them pick out the best things to wear.

For convenience, the reception will be held nearby, and will feature music played by their friends’ bands, but not too loud — there’s a lot of talking and laughing and joking around to be heard over the music. Delicious, homestyle-cooking, sit-down type of meal, along with lots of stories and laughter, will round out the reception.

Taurus: The Honeymoon

Once the party’s over, typical Taureans will pack up and head for the sun. A pampered vacation at a luxurious tropical resort is just the thing, and when the happy couple is tired of relaxing, they’ll go hiking or snorkeling or take advantage of any planned excursions. As long as they’re outdoors in beautiful surroundings enjoying beautiful weather, Taurus will enjoy themselves.

Taurus: Married Life

With the right partner, of course, a Taurus marriage is likely to be comfortable and harmonious.

Taureans love their home and love to fill it with beautiful things. They like to make the kind of home that they can invite their many friends and loved ones into, especially for dinner parties.

When they’re not entertaining, they love to go out and have a good time. Hey, Taureans are hard workers and careful with their money. Why shouldn’t they enjoy as good a life as possible? Especially before the children come along and tie them down a bit.

A Taurus husband or wife is a sensible person, steady and reliable. They’re not especially controlling, but will provide a strong shoulder to lean upon when needed. They’re practical types, and tend to keep their word when given.
In the face of unexpected change, a Taurus may dig in his or her heels and resist at first. They’re not very fond of new things being forced upon them. However, once they get used to the new changes, they tend to handle them quite well, as Taurus is such a resilient sign.

The Bull is ambitious and works hard, and will do his or her best to help build a bright future together. They’re very good at planning out what they want their lives to look like.

Taurus can be a bit old-fashioned with their spouse, treating them with a charming respect. The Bull can also be quite protective, and even jealous and possessive. When arguments arise, Taurus tends to have a quick, flaming type of temper. Fortunately, when the fight is over, it’s over. They don’t usually hold grudges.

Married life with a Taurus should be a comfortable, companionable affair, filled with lots of good food and good times.

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