What a Taurus Woman Wants

A Taurus woman can sometimes seem like a walking contradiction. Learning what this woman wants will take patience, practice, and a lot of perseverance. While being described as the Bull, the Taurus woman is slow, steady and strong. It is best to have a strong will with this one, her heart is well worth the effort.

This steady and earthy sign being born under Venus makes her a rock solid woman with the softest of cores. In her life, she maintains a smooth, calm, and collected exterior without letting anyone know that they are secretly analyzing and absorbing the deeper intent of everything around her. The Taurus woman is like her Aries neighbor and will have the tendency to base her sense of logic on facts and practicality. She shows immense emotional strength and will have little tolerance for anyone without the same regard. Some Taurus women feel as though there is something strange about them that is unlike the rest of her peers. She will want to be reminded that she is human and is normal even while being vastly unique.

Showing your Taurus woman compassion without patronizing her would be in your best interest. Even with being so grounded, when she loses her temper, it is best to steer clear until the dust settles. This is when you will learn if you have survived her blast. Do not let your pride get in the way of this woman. When people have offended her, she will not bother with getting even, she will simply ignore them.

Most Taurus women sees through people to the root of them as a whole, so do not bother with a front as she will find this to be an insult to her intelligence. She will also carry and interesting array of friends and she will want her mate to be tolerant and respectful of her choice in people. Each person will be different and quirky in their own right. She will want your respect for the people closest to her. And it will be best for you to honor her family as she does. She will have the tendency for great regard of her mother. She does not need social status or money from her mate and she is independent and cautious. She will take her time when making any decision, especially with that of a mate. Other signs often grow impatient with her slow and steady nature. But this is all in an effort to be sure. If you are right today, you will be right tomorrow, so why rush today.

This woman loves to be outdoors to help her feel closer to her roots. A Taurus female will at home in the woods and grounded in a park. Anything to do with nature will make her heart sing.

She is a romantic. Sweep a Taurus woman off her feet with sincere and meaningful gestures that show your loyalty to her. She will appreciate any bit of pampering she receives as she is not one to do this on her own. Surprising this woman with a clean house and a home cooked meal will go miles to win this woman’s heart.

Taurus women has an intense loyalty and will want the same from her partner. This woman will not be pushed over or pushed around. While she will not want to be the dominated in any sort of her relationships, and in Love, she will want an equal 50/50 partner. She will want her man that will be able to provide her with family, house and home. If you can cook, this will seal the deal with her that much sooner. The way to a Taurus heart is through her stomach.

She does have the tendency to be jealous and sometimes insecure, often this can be perceived as distrusting. A Taurus woman wants to have a mate that she can be proud of and be proud to be with. Intelligence will be high on her requirement list as she is bright herself but not exactly brainy. Prove your intelligence without being boastful and keep her interest with current events. She will want you to have an opinion and will respect you even if your opinion does not match her own. She will want a mate that is a partner to her, not an identical match as this will bore her or a complete opposite as this will frustrate her.

Taurus women like to be kissed. Long and deep kisses are right up her ally, especially kisses on her neck. Do not neglect her sense of smell. She is most inclined to natural smells that are not to artificial or flowery as this will be a big marker of how she will know if she likes you; she will like your smell.

In the bedroom you will see her softer side. Being a very sensory creature, a Taurus woman will want to feel your touch and feel closeness to you. Taurus women have an intense need for human contact. In essence feeling another person’s touch will make her feel human. This woman will not have much of a kinky side as she will pretty much stay with the straight forward variety of sex but her lover will do best not to deny her when she is wanting.

When considering bringing any toys into the mix, she will want to see something that shows ownership over her mate. Bondage will work very well in this mix as she does have a possessive streak in her. There is a quiet dominatrix in this sign.

Be wise not to try to manipulate this bull for she is stubborn. Work with her instead of against her and you will go miles into winning her heart. Slow and steady is the mantra of this zodiac sign and she will want you to exude the same, even when it is not in your nature to do so.

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