Kanya Lagna (Virgo in Vedic/Hindu Astrology)

Kanya Rashi/Lagna (Zodiac sign) is at the sixth place of Vedic rashi chakra (zodiac cycle) and it is governed by planet Budha (Mercury). It indicates an image of a Virgin as the symbol of this rashi. Kanya rashi can be discussed as follows in its characteristics and effect of other planetary combinations on the rashi as well.

Physically Kanyans (Virgoans) have slim and tall figures. They are hairy people. Thin and shrill voice, hairy and curved eyebrows, straight nose, look younger than age, sometimes blue eyes, quickly walking nature will be some usual physical features in them. Most of the times, they will inherit the complexion of their parents. Mentally they are ingenious, fond of learning, mentally capable, active minded, undecided and critical etc. But sometimes they are lacking self-confidence. They like to live properly and orderly in a methodical way. The thinking ability is very high in Kanyans. So we can identify them as analytical and a deep thinking personals; genius.

In their personality Kanyans are modest, thoughtful, conservative, ambitious for wealth and industrious. They have good endurance. The changeable nature and environment will often cause to change their residence. Kanya born people are normally intelligent and have the common sense to understand the situations. So they are good at finding faults. Due to these instincts, methodical, discriminative and practical qualities they are mostly suited for the posts of inspectors, auditors, examiners, supervisors and tax officers. They should avoid drugs, avoid criticizing others, should not be talkative and should go for decisions after thinking twice. What should be the Health and Disease conditions for Kanyans? Actually they enjoy robust health with long lives. They will look younger than the age in youth and they are active in nature. Be careful in gall-stones. Some malefic planetary combinations will cause them to suffer from dysentery and typhoid. So the time to time checkup of your horoscope (birth chart) and following the remedies like wearing gem stones would reduce those malefic planetary effects. Here the lord for Kanya is Budha (Mercury) which indicates kidney, bowels, anus, mesentery etc. So the diseases might directly affect in those areas. Being a vegetarian and avoiding alcohol will surely improve their health. Let’s focus on Love and Marriage conditions for Kanyans. Since they are very intelligent, they try to find almost all the things when selecting a partner. Their criticizing nature will also be a factor here. So they give more priority to intelligence than to pleasure and romance, so this will lead to disappointment in most of the times. Apart from their fault finding nature, they are passionate and should try to appease others by conversation. Ideal match for Kanya born people will be the persons born in Capricorn and Taurus. Among the best matching partners Cancerians and Scorpions exist.

Focusing on some planetary combinations, we can take Rahu (One node of Moon)/ Shani (Saturn) combination into our consideration. The exact conjunction of those two will be on September 16th, 2013, and the greatest impact on kanya will be felt in the 2nd house. The benefic Brahaspathi (Jupiter) will surely be the protector for the kanyans as well.
Those predictions can be given as common factors. So the best advice is to get check the horoscopes (birth charts) occasionally. That will probably help you in many ways to improve your carrier.

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