Virgo Disease

The Virgo sign is the ultimate perfectionist. These people like everything clean and proper. For instance, when it comes to a clean house, the fellow Virgo is immaculate with details, at times overly critically so. They are liable to criticize you to the extreme, just in their whole hearted efforts to make you the best you can be. They are evasive, poignant, and sharp, with a side of cynicism as well. Thus, the Virgo’s minds are always wrapped up with something or another. Their thoughts rule their lives. Since the Virgo sign is the ultimate thinker, they typically use their logic and practical manners when referring to how to correctly deal with things. In essence, their communication and interaction with their fellow human beings is usually quite clear and consistent. In addition, the Virgo types may over analyze anything and everything. They have the potential for perfection, but get lost somewhere in the middle of attaining it. There will always be something missing in their lives. They will always need to fix something, which will drive them internally crazy. Thus, the Virgo has a possibility for contracting a disease of the internal organs first and foremost. Virgo is a sign of true wisdom, but with wisdom comes the hard and difficult process of trial and error. Thus, the Virgo people can ultimately suffer from mood swings, anger, depression, and compulsion. In addition, the typical Virgo can get caught trying to be so perfect that they would ultimately lose sight of being real and healthy. For example, health is on their conscience on a general basis. But, when it is ingrained into them too intensely, they become frantic, and this is not the least bit healthy.

When it comes to maintaining health and staying away from a disease, the fellow Virgo have their eyes out. They know all of the new fab diets and spa treatments. While this is create and appealing to hear, they must become aware of their overly enthusiastic sense of awareness about health, because they can become easily nervous and frustrated when the diets are not ideal. They should be brought into reality in a sense, and realize that moderation is key. They should know that the nervous system is the fellow Virgo’s ruling area of health, therefore, when they are put under any sort of stress or pressure that being work or individual related, they can become an extremely nervous wreak. This seems to suggest that a typical Virgo must be at the forefront when it comes to dealing with their health. In addition, they must try to worry less. Worrying is maybe the worst thing they can do to themselves and their overall health. It just drowns them internally, promoting distress and disease to occur. As soon as the Virgo experience this internal stress, they not only become depressed and tense with their nervous system, their internal digestion becomes affected adversely as well. Thus, the Virgo people should keep a balanced diet, but should essentially not over think their meal plans. What every fellow Virgo would need to have in their diets wold consist of potassium. This mineral is essential, and is found among berries. Potassium promotes cell function and this eases the Virgo’s tensions and nervous tendencies.

Virgo should eat foods such as yogurt and beef. These proteins an acidophiles promotes healthy digestion and strength for the immune system. The thing with the Virgo folks is that once their diets are balanced, their immune system will remain essentially strong. However, once they behave nervous and tense with work pressure or perfectionist streaks, the fellow Virgo’s immune systems quickly become weaker, inhibiting their overall aura from flourishing to its’ maximum potential. In addition, the Virgo people need to remain diligent and happy with their lives first. They should practice yoga meditation accordingly. In addition, physical exercise should be consistent. They should spend time outside as well and breathe deeply to gain great levels of oxygen. This will give the fellow Virgo overall health with an addition feeling of peace and comfort within themselves. Once this happens, their minds will be at peace and they will not be prone to over thinking on a general basis.

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